The 5 best Valorant agents to play on Icebox in episode 5

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 6, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The icy tundra of Icebox is visually pleasing but competitively a menace, but these five agents can help carry you up the ranks in Valorant. 

Icebox is a small map with tight choke points, which is why fast agents with damaging abilities shine on this unique map. The snow-covered map features a giant battleship being pulled into a dockyard with large shipping containers. Parts of the location are wide open, but it’s primarily a map for those who like close quarters. This may require some players to work outside their comfort zone when playing on Icebox. 

What are the best Valorant agents on Icebox?

The list of best Valorant agents for Icebox includes a mix of staples that are used on all maps as well as a few that can help control space and lock down its critical chokepoints. Some names should be unsurprising, but others ought to be a shock.



Attack compositions on Icebox are incomplete without Jett or Reyna. While both duelists are excellent, Jett prevails over Reyna due to Icebox’s layout. The vertical boxes, tight corners, and ample double-story spots allow Jett to gain better map control. Her dashes and updrafts are game-changing on defense, where she becomes invincible on full-buy Operator rounds. 


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Viper quickly became one of the heavily picked agents on Icebox even when she was one of the worst initiators in the game. Her rework further boosted her pick rate, helping her become a staple in agent compositions, and it made her even better on Icebox. Viper uses her Toxic Screen and smoke to block out aggressive attackers, while her pit covers the entire site. Her ability to defend a bomb point makes her the second-best agent on Icebox. 


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Planting the Spike is a cakewalk if you have a full-buy Sage in your corner. While her heals and revive are helpful across all maps, it’s Sage’s Barrier Orb makes her a force on Icebox. The agent makes attacking much easier on Icebox with her walls that keep defenders at bay. On defense, she may use aggressive walls and slow orb to delay site takes, buying time for the team’s rotation. 


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All maps with open sky are Sova’s playground and Icebox fits that bill. The initiator’s Recon Bolt can pluck enemies out of the deepest choke points, which can be a menace to tackle while attacking. Since Icebox is loaded with rat corners, walking into sites becomes easy with Sova’s Owl Drone. For all these reasons, Sova remains one of the best agents on Icebox despite the addition of new initiators. 


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Killjoy is another sentinel who makes for a great, versatile agent on Icebox. While her Nano Swarms and Turret are exceptional, the agent is picked heavily for her ultimate that covers large areas. Icebox is a small map with restricted bomb points, so any agent that blocks large real estate works wonders. Let your Killjoy collect all the ult-orbs and watch the momentum swing in your favor.