Jett is OP when you use the highest spot in all of Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ever wondered what the highest spot on Icebox is? This player might have found the perfect vantage point.

Few agents can truly shine on the tiny tundra of Icebox. Jett rules this cold location in the duelist category, thanks to her ability to hop on top of boxes. The content creator and ace Jett main HowtoNoodle has kicked things up a notch by finding an overpowered spot on Icebox using Jett’s kit.

The streamer is known for his bold Jett plays, but this new one takes the cake. Icebox is a relatively challenging map to tackle, and this Updraft trick might change the cold location forever. This newly discovered lineup allows Jett to get to an incredibly high spot where she can scout critical map areas.

To achieve this trick, you need to have a Tailwind and two Updrafts. Get on top of the attacker base ramp boxes and squeeze yourself towards the metal. Press the Dash key and then hover forward. The super dash is essential to get you up in the air. Bouncing against the metal will turn the Tailwind into a slight updraft. Once you’re up in the air, press Drift to stay afloat while moving forward. When you’re about to fall, press the Updraft key, balance, and then Updraft again.

The double jump and super dash will land Jett on top of the tallest building towards Green. This corner on top of the little room provides an excellent vantage point to take enemies by surprise. From here, the duelist can take down opponents flanking from point A, and campers at yellow or mid container. These are all important locations where defenders often hold points at the beginning of the round.

It’s an overpowered angle that can be a game-changer if you successfully pull it off in ranked games. However, it requires full use of the kit minus the smokes, which may be costly. But looking at the results, it’s safe to say it’s worth each penny.

This isn’t the first time players have landed Jett at unexpected points. There have been many Updraft exploits that the developer later disabled. It’s unknown whether this one is intentional, but it’s undoubtedly powerful. Make use of this one before Riot changes its mind.