Viper in Valorant

You can make Icebox easy with these great Viper jump throws

By Nick Johnson


Dec 15, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Viper may not be picked often in Valorant, but that hasn’t stopped her fans from finding ways for her to make a major impact.

Even after several passes over Viper’s kit, Riot’s venomous agent is still all about planning ahead. Valorant’s community recently found a new jump throw for the agent on Icebox that forces enemies to try to defuse the Spike in the open while taking damage and contracting the Agent’s debuff.

At first glance, players might think that Viper’s Snake Bite isn’t as useful as other agent’s abilities, but there’s a spot on Valorant’s Icebox where Viper’s debuff, Vulnerable, makes it a strong option.

B Site is easy for Valorant’s attacking side with these Valorant lineups

The first part of the setup involves a simple lineup for Viper’s wall. Players can walk right up to the barrier at the B site entrance, place their crosshair where the wall seam meets the middle panel, and simply click. The wall limits the number of places defenders can be when taking the site The wall also blocks off the second level of crates on Icebox’s B site, meaning that attackers will likely only have to deal with one defender. 

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The next step is where to plant the spike. Exact placement will change depending on how the defense reacts, but this plant relies on quick takes and bomb plants. Attackers should plant close to the crates on the closest side. By planting here, opposing agents can’t hide behind the stacked radianite crates while defusing. Instead, they will be forced to stand out in the open in order to defuse.

Here’s where Viper’s clutch grenade comes in. Stand in the second cubby, aim up, and fire Snake Bite. A little comes down to timing, but players should use the ability sooner than they think since it takes a few seconds for the ability to hit the ground.

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After lining up as shown, players should jump and fire off Snake Bite at the top of their jump. 

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Viper’s Snake Bite does impressive damage on its own, but here players should rely on the agent’s Vulnerable debuff that comes along with all of her abilities. Enemy agents are affected by Vulnerable as soon as they enter any of Viper’s abilities and causes them to take double bullet damage from Viper and her team. The bomb’s positon forces enemy players to either stick the defuse or fake and wait for a peek, and the jump throw from this corner lands a Snake Bite and the ensuing debuff right on top of them.

Players do have to pay attention to a potential flank, but the attackers should be able to take the site and plant before it comes in. Viper and her abilities are underused, and players aren’t used to having to deal with her kit. That leaves a ton of room for Valorant’s cutting-edge players to take advatange of. Especially on Icebox.

How much damage does Viper’s Snake Bite ability do?

Viper’s Snake Bite deals a total of 24 damage per second for 8 seconds and applies Vulnerable, a debuff that causes players to take 100% extra damage from any weapon. That means a shot that would normally do 60 damage to an enemy would instead inflict a total of 120 damage across a player’s shields and health. The doubled damage means that players will have an easier time downing enemies, especially with weapons that are popular but won’t kill in a single shot, such as the Phantom. Snake Bite affects both armor and health at the same rate, and the Vulnerable debuff lasts for two seconds afer players leave any of Viper’s abilities.

What is Viper’s real name?

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Viper’s real name in the Valorant universe is Sabine. She’s one of the only agents in Riot’s tactical shooter that is native to the United States. Valorant’s Episode 2, scehduled to start some time in 2021, should reveal more about the character’s backstory and motives, just as Valorant’s Duelist trailer did for Phoenix and Jett.


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