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The best fightsticks to buy in 2023

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If you’re looking to experience the newest fighting games with classic controls, these fightsticks are your best option in 2023.

While arcades are a novelty these days, fighting games are still closely connected with the old-school way of playing video games. From their one-on-one gameplay to best-of-three matches, even the newest titles like Street Fighter 6 have DNA from the arcade era. Many players even prefer the classic feel of a fight stick, a special controller meant to emulate an arcade cabinet. If you’re looking for a fun and satisfying way to enjoy fighting games in 2023, these are the three best fightsticks to pick up.

Our three choices are based on three different kinds of fighting gamers. If you’re looking for something cheap, a premium experience, or the most optimal competitive choice, we have you covered. However, make sure to check compatibility with your preferred platform before purchasing.

Get into the genre with the Mayflash F300

If you’re looking to try out using fightsticks but don’t want to spend a ton of cash, Mayflash has you covered in 2023. The F300 is the least expensive way to try out the control scheme, but don’t think of it as a pure budget option. It has plenty of optional features that make it appealing even to veteran-fighting gamers.

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The F300 comes stock with Sanwa Denshi buttons and a Sanwa joystick, which are the gold standard for even top-level fightsticks. The square gate can be easily swapped with OEM parts, and the top row includes two turbo modes and a compatibility swap switch. It even comes with a USB input to make cable management easier on high-end computer setups.

Victrix makes the best premium fightsticks in 2023

If you want to upgrade your existing stick or start with the absolute most premium option, you may be better off with a Victrix. The company is famous in the fighting game community for its insanely well-made sticks constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The Pro FS-12 is the company’s new flagship model designed for the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, though it’s 100% compatible with PC as well.

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From its all-buttons input method to its removable back panel, the Victrix is perfect for tournament play. It’s easier to transport than a joystick controller, and its rock-solid construction will keep it in fighting condition for years. It’s quite expensive, but if you want one of the best fightsticks on the market in 2023, the Victrix is an obvious choice.

This intro mixbox is perfect for PC gamers

If you already have a traditional fightstick but want to give Stickless a try, the price of most brands can make it difficult. However, a variety of peripheral manufacturers PXN offers a great opportunity to test the waters. The PXN X8 is an entry-level mixbox with WASD controls in place of a stick. This alternate control scheme is great for PC players who want a smoother transition to fightsticks.

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The X8 also comes with a full set of PS4 controls along the top, including a turbo function. The mechanical keys are clicky and easy to customize, and it has an onboard 3.5 mm audio jack. Its small size makes it great for traveling, and its funny colorful design will help its user stand out from the crowd and big tournaments and locals alike.


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