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Andrew Tate criticized for defending toxicity in Valorant, demanding ban on female players

By Fariha Bhatti


May 16, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Andrew Tate is now loitering in the gaming spaces, asking developers to ban women who face toxicity in “men’s spaces.” 

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer TaylorMorgan posted a video of herself playing Valorant when a troll threatened to rape her. The streamer appeared visibly shocked and hurt by the remark, prompting her to immediately quit the game and end the livestream. 

The heartbreaking video got community-wide attention, including Valorant’s team lead, Anna Donlon, who assured her that the account would be penalized. 

While the game developer agreed that it was toxic for the male player to threaten assault, Andrew Tate, who is not really an active part of the gaming community, thought it was the woman who needed to be banned. The self-proclaimed Top-G called Valorant a “man’s space,” even though it has more female players compared to other 5v5 shooter games, precisely 40%, according to the data collected in 2021. 

“Women join men’s spaces and cry and b— and ruin everything. Men say the worst things to each other all day, and nobody cries.  The easiest way to fix this problem is to ban crybaby women from gaming,” Andrew Tate said. 

Gaming community calls out Andrew Tate for toxic Valorant comment 

Since his comment, a vast majority of the gaming community has come out in support of TaylorMorgan, calling out Andrew Tate for his absurd and illogical comments. 

Factually, Valorant is a game that has consistently pushed women to the forefront and has successfully built a safer community for all marginalized genders. Referring to it as a “men’s space” is not only illogical but also factually incorrect.

Valorant Clove delay

Community figures like Yinsu Collins, Muselk, and more called him out for his dense comment. Many mentioned how Andrew Tate defending a rape threat is “on brand,” considering he’s been charged with crimes like assault, rape, and human trafficking. 

In any case, Valorant developers are hard at work to combat toxicity. Anna Donlon has assured that a feature to permanently ban dangerously toxic trolls is on the cards once they can navigate the complexities.