Upcoming Valorant Night Market release date leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


May 14, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Night Market is returning for the second time in Episode 8. 

Valorant’s skin thrift store, which features fancy cosmetic items at a cut price, is making another comeback. The next patch in Valorant will add a brand new tab on the menu, which will include six mystery cards hiding pricey skins at almost half the price. 

This would be the second Night Market for Valorant Episode 8. The first one went live in patch 8.01 in January and ran until February. Here’s what we know about the next Night Market, which goes live in patch 8.09.  

Valorant Night Market 8.09 release date 

The next Valorant Night Market will be a limited-time event, going live on May 22 and available until June 12. This means players will have a 20-day window to purchase their desired skins at a discount of 10-49%, depending on the skin tier. 

This time, players can look forward to purchasing XEROFANG, Ego, and Emberclad bundles, MK.VII Liberty. All four will be making their debut in their thrift store. Of course, if you’re unlucky, you could also get Prism reloaded, which is another debutant.

But since it is an upgraded version of an old Deluxe skin, there are better deals than this one you can get out of the Night Market. 

What is the Night Market in Valorant?

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Night Market regularly appears in Valorant once every two months. Players would notice a new card appear on the menu for the Night Market, Valorant’s infamous thrift store. This stays for nearly 19 days, featuring otherwise expensive weapons at a significantly reduced rate.

Riot ported the Your Shop idea over to Valorant in December of 2020 when it released the Night Market, a limited-time store that offers weapon skins to players with a big catch. In the first two versions, each player’s store was completely random, meaning that while one player could uncover the opportunity to purchase a rare melee weapon, another could only have the chance to buy common items.

Riot overhauled Night Market for the April edition and now offers “bad luck protection” for players who haven’t gotten the chance to buy a rare item. It’s a welcome change for unlucky players who could only buy Shorty skins the past two times the Night Market has appeared.