Brimstone in Valorant

Latest Brimstone buff in Valorant patch 8.09 is too good

By Fariha Bhatti


May 15, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Valorant patch 8.09 bears glad tidings for Brimstone players, who always missed tight choke points while dropping their Sky Smokes. 

Valorant patch 8.09 is finally bringing some significant updates and hot fixes. With this patch, players will no longer lose their crosshair profiles after creating a new one. But this isn’t what has caught the attention of the community at large. The developers are finally giving Brimstone some attention.

In Valorant, all agents rely on controllers to block sight of the enemy. Placing accurate smokes is crucial, as missing corners is like serving your teammates’ heads to enemies on a platter. It can result in swift death for all. This was something that often happened with Brimstone’s smokes. 

Sky Smokes have a long duration, but they are slightly smaller as compared to other smokes in Valorant. But their small size isn’t the main issue. It’s Brimstone’s radar that showed Sky Smokes covering areas that it didn’t cover when dropped on the map. 

Riot has addressed this issue in Valorant patch 8.09. 

Riot buffs Brimstone’s smokes in Valorant

Brimstone smoke

Riot has increased the area of Brimstone’s smoke to match what appears in the UI or Brimstone’s arm radar.  

“We’ve done some small updates to Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) to ensure that it fully covers the area indicated by the UI when you are placing it. This should ensure that when the outer edge of the targeting UI covers a choke point the spawned smoke will fully cover that area as well.” Riot said. 

Sky Smoke (E): Radius increased 410 >>> 415

After this update, the radar will display the real coverage area of the smoke. This means the round corners won’t leave the edges uncovered anymore due to the increased size. With patch 8.09, Brimstone’s smoke will be the same size as larger smoke in Valorant, for example, Omen’s smoke.