This Sova arrow lineup on Icebox makes opening A Site easier

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ recent addition to the Valorant map pool is just as tricky to master as it is unique. Sova may be to help make Icebox a bit easier to play. 

The cool secret excavation site brings unique horizontal zipliners to the game. A snowy blanket coupled with tight corners is what sets this map apart from the rest. Months after its release, players are still figuring out their way around Icebox’s enclosed belts and tubes. 

As attackers, Icebox can be a nuisance to play as there are dozens of choke points. Entering Site A becomes almost impossible without the assistance of an ace Sentinel or Initiator. An intel gatherer can swiftly clear out a few angles, enabling the teammates to push in and evacuate the bomb point of enemies. Cypher is viable on Icebox, but Sova’s ability to manipulate areas in longer-range makes him your best pick. Here’s how the Russian hunter’s Recon bolt can help attackers explode into Point A on Icebox. 

Sova arrow lineup trick on Icebox

Stand atop the left bar of the yellow fence in the Attacker’s base. Aim upwards at the sky and use your ability hud as a guide, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

You may use the stars as your lineup guide, or the joint on the metal top of the building. The latter lineup works more consistently, as it warrants a spot on result each time. Activate two bounces, load up the bar fully and shoot your arrow.

The arrow takes 10 seconds to bounce off the icebergs towards Defender’s spawn and stick on the back of A site. The bolt reveals the enemies behind the A towers, allowing your teammates to rush them. 

This is a multi-purpose setup that allows attackers to create plays around it. You may execute a fake A push, using this Recon Bolt lineup. Sova can solely clear out A Site with his bolt as it takes enough time to reach the destination, allowing the agent to walk into the bomb point.

Since the setup begins from spawn, attackers can use it to create a strategy at the beginning of the round. If the bolt shows that A site is crowded, attackers may choose to hit Point B instead, without wasting time.   

How do you use Sova’s arrows in Valorant?

Sova carries two types of arrows. One causes physical damage to the enemies and the other gathers intel. To use his Shock bolt, equip the bow and shoot it towards the target. Two arrows can easily annihilate an armored enemy.

To reveal the enemy location, load the Recon Bolt and send it to enemy hideouts. The bolt unveils the enemies hiding in nooks, giving your teams an advantage over them.