This Sage wall trick guarantees that the spike will explode

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Tired of being a pocket Sage whose sole job is to heal teammates? Impress teammates with this new, game-changing wall trick with Sage. 

Playing Sage isn’t always fun. Teammates demand healing and revives, offering no chance for actual gunplay. This can make for a boring, passive game. However, learning some barrier lineups can help spice things up. 

Icebox is a relatively defender-sided map, so protecting a Spike can be a bit challenging. Planting the Spike in the right area can help protect it for a long time. The key is to be patient and let the clock run down instead of picking fights. This new Sage wall trick is hilariously useful for this.

Try this wall setup to take enemies by surprise. 

For this wall, empty out the entire site before planting the spike. Equip the spikepike and walk into the container. Plant in the middle of the window and get ready to place a barrier.

Plant the wall in a way that Spike remains in its center. The spike will break the mid-part of the barrier, dividing the wall into two. The two corners will protect the Spike from both entrances, making it impossible for enemies to defuse it. 

The trick is OP because enemies are forced to make a very difficult choice with every option being risky. The defenders can empty out their guns and tunnel their way through the ice and open themselves up for an attack while they’re reloading. Or they can go after the attackers, but then potentially be lured into a duel and forced to sprint back to the site, break through the ice, and defuse.

The whole process will waste tons of time, ensuring a round win by running down the clock. Using this wall, Sage will undoubtedly become the most valuable player on the team. The agent can also use similar lineups to lock the Spike behind her wall. This little tick proves that Sage isn’t just a pocket healer, and the spike can be made impossible to defuse when combined with some molotovs. 

Is Sage good on Icebox? 

Sage is viable on most Valorant maps, but she’s great on Icebox.

Her barriers come in handy to wall off Icebox’s tight choke points. Her wall becomes essential to plant the Spike on the risky B site. On defense, Sage can wall off crucial points of entry to help her teammates gain map control.