This is how to play Viper, Valorant’s venomous agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 31, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The poisonous Viper is a complex agent. It’s important to learn how to play Viper before even looking at the ladder, since her kit can be awful in the wrong hands. 

Hybrid agents in Valorant became the hot meta when Viper’s kit was overhauled. The controller became more than just a smoker, also enjoying the ability to deal heavy damage to enemies.

However, her unique Toxic Screen and Ultimate can become a problem for her own teammates when mishandled. Using her effectively also requires learning the lineups for each map to set up executes for teammates.

How to use Viper’s Snake Bite

Viper is equipped with a poison molotov that deals damage for six seconds, making it one of the deadliest incendiaries in Valorant. 


  • Snake Bite lasts for six seconds, so there’s no point saving two doses for post-plant. The Spike takes eight seconds to defuse, so one launcher should be enough. 
  • Hide molotovs at the opposite end of teammates’ smokes to damage enemies who try crossing the smoke. 
  • Use Snake Bite alongside an ultimate to eliminate enemies on 1 HP after they come in slight contact with the poison. The blurred vision can set up multiple kills. 

How to make plays with Viper’s smoke

Viper’s smoke is the largest in Valorant, and its ability to leave enemies vulnerable makes it one of the best. However, players often use it like the smoke of any other controller, which makes it less effective. Learning how to make plays with Viper’s smokes is key to playing the agent.


  • Place the smoke around ability orbs to bait in enemies.
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  • Place smokes on default plant positions. Activate it when you hear Spike plant sound cue to either buy time or weaken enemies ahead of a retake. 
  • On eco rounds, buy smokes instead of molotovs. Invest in a Shorty and play close to your smoke to bag multiple kills against enemies pushing through smoke. 

How to use Viper’s Toxic Screen

The Toxic Screen can mess with teammates if they don’t respect it and play around it smartly. It’s essential to communicate the purpose of the wall before placing it down. 


  • One of the biggest misconceptions regarding Viper’s wall is that it’s supposed to block enemy pushes. While it does slow them down, its true purpose is to create new angles for teammates. Place creative walls to make space for teammates and give them an edge in duels. 
  • For example, plant a wall on Icebox’s Green alley and hide behind a cubby with a specter. Enemies often ignore this angle. 
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  • Always play close to the wall to take out weakened enemies if they push through it. Many players neglect to check close angles when crossing the Toxic Screen. 

How to use Viper’s Ultimate

Viper’s Ultimate comes at seven points, which is relatively expensive. It’s worth it, though. Viper’s Pit softens enemies and makes it easier for teammates to shoot them down. 


  • Always plant the Ultimate at the entrance instead of the main bomb point. Activating the pit on default will give enemies a chance to ambush from multiple angles. Block an entire site by closing down the entrance. 
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  • Don’t stay inside the pit at all times. Play around the thick borders to outsmart enemies. The 15-second timer allows for complex plays and strategies. If an enemy is close by outside of the pit, it’s recommended to leave the field and pick a duel. 
  • Don’t save the Ultimate for post-plants only. Using it to protect a dropped Spike or lock down a site can be extremely rewarding in high-stake games.