Hilarious new 1-way allows Viper to dominate on Bind

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Viper’s poison cloud is toxic, but it’s absolutely death-dealing when used tactically on Bind’s point B. 

Bind’s small size and numerous entryways require controllers to effectively use their smokes to block pushes. This new one-way lineup proves that Viper is one of the top picks of teams to carry out the job effectively and it’s actually a bit silly on top of that. 

Viper agent has only one smoke, but it’s deadly enough to keep enemies at bay for the entire round. Viper’s smoke is pickable, re-deployable, and reusable for as long as the round lasts, making her must-pick on all maps. However, her toolkit shines the most on Bind, a map that benefits from her long curtain and endless smoke. 

Players have already discovered multiple common one-way spots for Bind’s point A, but not many know this new one-way setup for point B. Enemies rushing in from B long are tough to tackle, but not when you have Viper’s smoke planted right at the entrance. A player named ZeynuN has discovered this lineup, which is just as punishing as it is unique. 

Here’s how you can replicate this smoke in the game. 

  • Stand in the corner of Jardin B
  • Place your crosshair a bit towards the left side of the wood 
  • You can also achieve perfect placement by using utility hud, as shown in the image
  • Press the jump key and then right click-throw the grenade 
Blog post image

The smoke will land inside a pot suspended by a string, creating a perfect one-way for players to hold. Don’t deploy the smoke instantly. Move back towards the container and activate the smoke when your teammate in hookah hear footsteps for B long. Upon activation, it gives a clear view of enemies’ lower bodies without giving away your own position. 

Paired with Viper’s molotov, this single smoke should block point B for the entirety of the round. You can grab one or two kill behind the smoke and throw poison to pause the enemies pushing in for the trade. This setup should buy your teammates enough time to rotate and retake. 

While this is fairly standard mechanically, the fact that it utilizes a prop that theoretically should only exist for cosmetic purposes makes it unique. It’s somewhat surprising that the hit detection for those pots is so detailed that it can be used for a tactic like this.

Who is the best controller agent in Valorant? 

After repeated buffs, Viper is one of the two strongest agents in Valorant alongside Omen. Both the controllers have a unique smoke mechanic that lets them dominate the map throughout the round. Unlike Brimstone and Astra, Omen and Viper can regain their smokes, making them the best in their category.