This attacker side Viper setup on Fracture wins games

Fariha Bhatti • September 9, 12:36

Fracture’s split layout is perfect for main Viper players. The new location is tough to tackle but not when Viper has your back.

No other agent struggled in the pick rating as much as Viper in the initial acts. However, the gas engineer has been on top of her game in the recent patches and it seems that she’ll stay a favorite agent for a long time. The new map Fracture becomes a cakewalk with Viper’s kit.

Fracture isn’t precisely the largest location in-game but it’s not too small either. Size-wise, the map is perfectly balanced, but many agents may find it hard to find their footing on this location due to a mid-split design. With attackers sandwiching the defenders from both sides, one may think that the map is winnable on the offensive. However, the narrow entryways and multiple angles to clear can make Fracture a tall feat.

Viper shines on this location as she has all ingredients to break into small sites. This new setup to garner point B control is a perfect example of why Viper is a must-pick on Fracture.

For this setup, you’ll need one Snakebite, Toxic Screen, and Poison Cloud. Stand in the middle of metal boxes in Tree for the smoke lineup and align your ability hud with the leaves. The center line of your Q ability should be touching the edge of the shrub. This smoke will block most of the left side of point B.

Then throw the device, don’t deploy the smoke yet. Equip your Snakebit from this same position and place your crosshair at this particular leaf.

Press the jump key and then release the launcher. This molotov will burn off the enemies at B tower and block off the push. Walk further towards B entrance and place your screen down through the door, inclined slightly towards the right side. Call your teammates to push in, then activate your screen and smoke at the same time.

Point B will be covered entirely from all critical angles, except for the right side. Your teammates will have to clear only one position and safely plant the Spike inside the poison globe.

This is a surefire strategy to win you rounds on Fracture, as smoke will remain active throughout the game. Viper players may want to stay in the backlines to squeeze full juice out of the smoke and keep enemies away from the Spike.


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