Viper 1-way allows her to completely shut down sites on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Viper is an absolute menace on Ascent with the map offering up some juicy one-way poison smokes options. 

Despite being released in the original Valorant roster, Viper long struggled for relevance. Several buffs later, players refuse to pick any other controller in Valorant over Viper. This new one-way smoke on Ascent’s point B shows why she’s the favourite smoker in Valorant. 

Ascent’s point B is hard to defend against enemies who push on the back of aggressive flashers. A regular Viper smoke may deal damage, but it’s futile against a Jett dashing through it. One of the ideal ways to shut down such enemies is to trick them into your crosshair. One-way smokes help fool opponents to walk into the line of fire. 

This particular one-way Poison Cloud rests on a ledge deep inside B halls, creating an angle that exposes the enemy’s lower body. For this lineup, move yourself to the corner of the control room and look towards the brick wall. Place your crosshair in the middle of the iron rod on the little window, a little closer to the top border. Toss the smoke device. 

Don’t deploy your smoke instantly, and hold a close angle in B halls. Look for enemy cues, or request an intel gatherer to take a peak with a camera or owl. When you have enough information, activate the smoke to catch enemies in your trap. The smoke will allow you a clear view of the agents, offering your easy kills to add to the scoreboard. 

While all smokers can create deadly one-way traps, they’re not as helpful as Viper’s large globe of poison. These types of smokes work best with Viper. Agents like Brimstone and Cypher take a massive risk by investing creds on a smoke only to use it once as a one-way. 

What’s the best agent to play on Ascent? 

Ascent allows almost all agents to shine but Cypher is likely the best agent on the map. The spy agent can utilize his camera to lock down one site all by himself while his teammates scout the complex middle area. Viper also makes for a great support to let duelists take map control while she handles one site with her reusable kit.