Kai Cenat and Speed song is “trash” claims Adin Ross

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

In a perfect triad of streaming controversy, Adin Ross has made his thoughts on Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s new song clear.

Two of Twitch’s most controversial streamers, Kai Cenat and Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr., have collaborated on a rap song for their audiences to enjoy. However, another polarizing figure in Adin Ross has come out to diss the pair’s debut song.

In his reaction to the music video, Ross called the song “f—ing trash” despite allegedly being on good terms with both figures.

Kai Cenat releases song with IShowSpeed

The Kai Cenat and Speed collaboration song was released on April 27, 2023 with an accompanying music video. Titled “Dogs,” the music video shows Speed and Kai Cenat on a tropical vacation riding on jet skis, partying in the pool, and hanging out with cute pit bulls. It’s only 100 seconds long, but that’s enough to get both communities excited about future music releases.

The video is currently available on IShowSpeed’s YouTube channel. In less than 48 hours after its release, the song has garnered over 3 million views thanks to both personalities’ large followings. 

Adin Ross reacts to Dogs music video

However, fellow big time streamer Adin Ross has decried the video, calling it trash despite claiming to be friends with both aspiring rappers.

In a clip on his own Kick stream, Adin Ross watched half of the video before pausing to declare it “f—ing trash.” He immediately followed it up by saying that he does “love both of them to death,” but then doubled down on his diss towards their rapping skills.


Adin Ross, IShowSpeed, and Kai Cenat form a trifecta of controversial streamers who are all currently banned from Twitch for different reasons.

Kai Cenat became the biggest streamer on the platform before his ban with the highest sub count in history, but was banned for unclear reasons following his subathon. IShowSpeed was permanently banned following what Twitch labeled as sexual coercion or intimidation.

Adin Ross was banned for less clear reasons, though he has since become a champion for Twitch rival Kick, even inviting Kai Cenat to join the platform.