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Kai Cenat beats Ludwig for most Twitch subs of all time

By Olivia Richman


Feb 28, 2023

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Kai Cenat has just broken the record for most subs of all-time on Twitch.

Kai Cenat has been massively growing over the past few years, becoming notorious for his controversial behavior and over-the-top reactions. He quickly became one of the top streamers on Twitch, where he currently has 4.6 million followers. Kai Cenat has become so huge, in fact, that he currently has over 28,000 people watching him sleep during his month-long subathon.

The February subathon has proven very successful for Kai Cenat, even allowing him to push past Tyler “Ninja” Blevin and Ludwig Ahgren’s for the most subs of all time on Twitch.

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Kai Cenat takes first place for Twitch subscriber record

Kai Cenat has been hosting a month-long subathon for the month of February. It’s been 27 days now, and Kai Cenat has made history by beating Ninja’s record for the second-highest Twitch subscriber count of all time and then overtaking Ludwig’s soon after.

The young streamer currently has over 283,073 subscribers at the time of writing.

This beats Ninja’s record, which was set back in 2018. He reached 269,154 subscribers at that time just for playing Fortnite. But Ninja and Kai Cenat are still behind Ludwig Ahgren, who is still in the number one subscriber spot. It also overtook Ludwig’s record. The YouTuber reached 283,066 during his own subathon back on Twitch.

Kai Cenat’s new sub goal is 300,000. He has until March 3 to reach this incredible feat.

Kai Cenat subathon a success, full of controversy

Kai Cenat’s subathon has proven to be a massive success for the streamer, who tearfully called his mom when he reached another record back in September of 2022. He is now the second-most subscribed streamer of all time.

But the subathon wasn’t without its controversies. Kai Cenat was most recently called out for getting a handjob at a restaurant during the livestream. This suggestive incident goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service, but the streaming platform has yet to do anything about it. Many people feel that Twitch may favor Kai Cenat due to his large revenue and others wonder if they will wait until the end of the subathon.

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During the subathon, Kai Cenat also brought on permanently banned streamers, which also is against the Terms of Service. Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was banned from Twitch for his ongoing sexist outbursts, which include threatening a woman that he will assault her on a dating show and then screaming at female teammates in Valorant.

Kai Cenat has been similarly criticized but remains on Twitch. He was recently accused of protecting a man who sexually assaulted a guest he brought to a New Year’s Eve party. The streaming community condemned him for pretending not to know the man despite the fact that they have been long-time friends since childhood.

Despite these questionable activities, Kai Cenat has continued to explode on Twitch and has avoided punishment from the platform.


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