IShowSpeed has awkward interaction with Drake, doesn’t end well

By Olivia Richman


Feb 16, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins is known for his controversies and he most recently had an awkward phone call with rapper Drake.

IShowSpeed has continued to grow in popularity despite getting permanently banned from Twitch. He has been under fire for threatening to sexually assault a female streamer, racist behavior at the World Cup, and scamming his followers. But his connections with popular streamers and big celebrities has prevailed, allowing him to do a second phone call with Drake.

But this one didn’t go quite as planned.

Drake hangs up on IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed was able to get Drake on the phone during a YouTube stream on February 15. Fans were shocked to see Drake’s face when he answered with his webcam. But apparently, IShowSpeed had been talking back and forth with Drake for a while on Instagram.

“Yo, Drake! What’s good, bro?” IShowSpeed immediately exclaimed, jumping out of his seat. “You look great right now!”

Drake looked entertained by IShowSpeed’s enthusiasm. The two chatted about soccer as Drake walked into work, with the rapper stating that he preferred Ronaldo over Messi. IShowSpeed told him he’s a “special” person for his unique perspectives.

In response, Drake gave IShowSpeed a few compliments. He said he’s proud of him for continuing to grow his platform and for “doing his thing.” He then added that he had a lot of love for IShowSpeed and had even been talking about him with other people in his crew.

IShowSpeed seemed genuinely flattered by Drake’s words but then he took it too far.

“Bro, your voice is so sexy. How’s it so smooth like that?” IShowSpeed asked.

Drake seemed to be laughing but clearly had enough of the teenager’s banter. Instead of responding with more compliments, Drake hung up.

IShowSpeed responded in typical IShowSpeed fashion, screaming while jumping up from the seat. He then punched the seat in alleged frustration, telling his fans that he “said it wrong” and meant to just ask Drake about his voice being smooth. The “sexy” comment was apparently a slip-up. But it was too late.

Why is IShowSpeed banned from Twitch?

IShowSpeed has so many shocking moments that it can be hard to keep track of exactly what led Twitch to permanently ban the streamer from the platform.

But IShowSpeed took it too far in late 2021 when he appeared on a dating show that was being streamed by fellow controversial influencer Adin Ross. During the dating show, IShowSpeed was talking to a female streamer when he asked her if they would have sexual intercourse if they were the last two remaining people on the planet. She answered no.

“Who is gonna stop me?” IShowSpeed demanded.

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He then started screaming the phrase over and over until Adin Ross finally removed him from Discord. But Ross eventually let him back in, allowing IShowSpeed to harass the woman once again. The uncomfortably aggressive threat of sexual assault was what led to Twitch removing IShowSpeed permanently.

While it may have been a joke, many women found it extremely disturbing, and many male streamers have even condemned IShowSpeed for his ongoing sexist behavior, which also includes yelling at women in Valorant.