“How is your wife?”: Destiny and Ludwig beef gets personal

By Olivia Richman


May 11, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Two outspoken streamers, Steven “Destiny” Bonnell and Ludwig Ahgren, are getting quite personal during a recent beef over social media.

During their most recent podcast episode, Ludwig and co-host Anthony “Slime” Bruno decided to make fun of Destiny for using Wikipedia when doing his political research. When Destiny heard the jab, he took to X to call Slime “Ludwig’s second generic white friend” and warned him not to talk about things he’s “clueless about.”

The two streamers started fighting over social media, with Destiny claiming that Ludwig tries to appeal to as many people as possible, hinting that he avoids conflict or opinions to avoid drama. But the drama started to get more personal as time went on.

Destiny and Ludwig beef turns ugly

As the two streamers continued to trade blows, Destiny decided to bring Ludwig’s partner, QTCinderella, into it. Another big streamer and award show host, QTCinderella recently started crying after finding out that a group of women were targeted by a troll making sexual deepfakes of them without consent. Destiny used this screenshot to lash out at Ludwig.

In response, Ludwig said: “Yes that is a picture of my girlfriend who I love. How is your wife?”

This was a harsh callout towards Destiny, whose wife left him in 2023. It clearly rubbed the political streamer the wrong way and he replied that technology will allow everyone to “love [QTCinderella],” a reference to the deepfake porn of her. He added: “Hey, maybe one day they’ll even be able to deepfake you a personality!”

Apparently, Destiny has disliked Ludwig for a while because he allegedly lost respect for him over a joke he made towards Hasan “HasanAbi” Pike that he later deleted. HasanAbi was getting hate at the time for claiming that streaming is a soul sucking job. He told Ludwig that he was “fake” for removing the YouTube video but Ludwig claimed it was due to low views. He added that he also was getting death threats from fans of HasanAbi and Destiny.

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The streaming community responded negatively to Destiny’s personal hits at Ludwig and QTCinderella, however.

“Posting someone’s current girlfriend as a joke like u haven’t been twice divorced and alone is crazy,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “Destiny really goes out of his way to just prove how bad of a person he really is for no reason lol. Desperate for attention and fandom from the worst people.”

“He’s really burning bridges he never had for no reason,” said another tweet.