Adin Ross

Adin Ross begs Kai Cenat to switch to Kick

By Olivia Richman


Apr 21, 2023

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Adin Ross is viewing the shocking ban of Kai Cenat as a positive for Kick, Twitch’s rival platform.

Kai Cenat was banned from Twitch earlier this month, leaving fans wondering why and for how long. It was rumored that it was due to some inappropriate behavior while playing Grand Theft Auto, but the streaming community is largely in the dark. Meanwhile, Adin Ross is hoping that Twitch’s sus punishment will be what makes Kai Cenat make the jump to Kick.

Why does Adin Ross want Kai Cenat on Kick?

Adin Ross has become quite a controversial figure this past year due to his affinity for Andrew Tate and questionable actions on stream. This has led to eight bans on Twitch, ultimately resulting in a permanent ban. At this point, Adin Ross started discussing his involvement with Kick, a Twitch rival that allows gambling and adult content, offering fewer regulations than Amazon’s streaming platform.

Since then, Adin has recruited other controversial streamers to make the move. This includes Corinna Kopf and Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam. Popular streamers are getting lured over thanks to Kick’s lax guidelines and promise of a 95/5 sub split, and Ross is hoping Cenat will be next.

Kai Cenat

After getting banned from Twitch, Cenat was hit up by Adin Ross. On FaceTime, Ross asked Cenat how it felt to be banned, prompting Cenat to say that “it’s great” and that he’s just been “chilling.”

This was just small talk, however. Ross then attempted to convince Cenat to stream on Kick. He said: “Listen man, I just wanna say I saw that little thing that went out today. They said they made $20 million off you, and you got two. I just want to let you know you’re worth a lot more than that.”

Adin Ross then added that Kick will “never” ban Kai Cenat.

On top of praising Kick, Ross also bashed Twitch. He admitted that Twitch is the platform that got Cenat where he is today. But he said it’s time to move on from the “toxic relationship.” Ross said Twitch is the type to “spit in your mouth and beat you” and then ban you. Meanwhile, Kick is a “happy, healthy relationship.”

So was Kai Cenat convinced?

Is Kai Cenat moving to Kick?

Kai Cenat made it pretty clear that he’s not interested in moving to Kick just yet. He said that he doesn’t care about any platform.

Said the trending streamer: “No platform can make me do anything! We are all bigger than every platform.”

For now, it’s unclear if Cenat will bother streaming on Kick. But it seems clear, meanwhile, that Kick is anxiously awaiting his arrival. Kick even sent him a pair of sneakers in an attempt to mock and upstage Twitch. The platform has also been finding other creative ways to convince streamers to hop on board.


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