Sykkuno announces Twitch comeback in a surprise stream

By Fariha Bhatti


May 6, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Sykkuno has made a surprise return to Twitch as a partner after streaming on YouTube for two years. 

In 2022, when a lot of streamers were migrating to YouTube, Sykkuno left Twitch in favor of YouTube Gaming. At that time, the streamer already had over 3 million followers, making it a big move for him. However, after accumulating 2.83 subscribers on YouTube as well, Sykkuno has decided to return under the purple banner. 

On May 6, Sykkuno took to Twitter to announce a surprise stream on Twitch: “In general, I didn’t tell any of my friends. Nobody really knew about it, I was just like ‘I’m going to try streaming on Twitch again cause I can, and why not?”

According to Sykkuno, he partenered back with Twitch “last night” and decided to stream again since his time with YouTube had ended. Since no one was expecting his comeback on Twitch, Sykkuno’s first stream was a big success. 

At one point, his Twitch stream peaked at 20K concurrent viewers, establishing that he still had a solid fanbase on Twitch. 

Where does Sykkuno stream in 2024? 

Sykkuno Twitch

On May 6, Sykkuno revealed that his contract with YouTube was over and that he was back on Twitch as a partner. This means fans can now watch him on Twitch like in old times. 

The switch likely resulted from Twitch’s new policy, which is much laxer than before. After Kick allowed streamers more freedom to show creativity, Twitch followed suit by relaxing some of its rules. However, it was emotes that Sykkuno missed the most. 

“Kind of missed it, kind of missed it. Mostly the animated emotes I missed a lot. We got a bunch of new ones,” he said. 

If you’re a fan and would like to watch all of his streams, Sykkuno has posted an updated schedule on his Twitch channel.