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“It’s so stupid”: xQc reacts to Kaceytron’s opinion on Adept divorce

By Olivia Richman


May 1, 2023

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel has accused fellow streamer Kacey “Kaceytron” Cavines of “unhinged behavior” after she gave her own thoughts on his public breakup with ex-wife Samantha “Adept” Lopez.

xQc and Adept’s rocky relationship and dramatic breakup were making headlines all last year. It all started when xQc backed out of some streamer events last second due to drama between his family and Adept. This allegedly became the reason the two broke up, causing some livestreamed arguments where Adept accused xQc of “playing the victim.”

It later came out that the two may have been married. Fans started accusing Adept of using xQc for his money, especially after finding documents where she appeared to be trying to get a settlement after the divorce.

Throughout the entire thing, xQc remained pretty silent about Adept, although he did have a very public fling with another streamer. This ended in a fast breakup due to some conflict between the new girl and Adept. Recently, xQc did tell his fans that he was alone and sad but didn’t go into much detail beyond that.

Now, Kaceytron has shared her own take on xQc and Adept’s tumultuous situation.

Kaceytron accuses xQc of mistreating Adept

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Even though xQc has been quiet about his relationship with Adept, he has talked about other streamers’ relationships, including a time he allegedly “downplayed” the time when political personality Steven Crowder verbally and mentally abused his wife on camera.

For Kaceytron, this was a major red flag.

“I don’t think xQc is a straight-up abuser,” she wrote on Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker’s Discord server. “I’m just saying the community acts like the abuse in xQc/Adept’s relationship is one-sided when it is clearly mutual abuse.”

Kaceytron also pointed to the fact that xQc lets his community villainize Adept and accuse her of behaviors without knowing the actual story. She added that the Juicer never tried to stop his fans from “manipulating and abusing and harassing” Adept.

xQc responds to abuse allegations

After Kaceytron’s rant when viral on Reddit, xQc reacted to the accusations during a livestream.

“It’s unhinged to go publicly and say s— like that,” xQc said, accusing her of “dot connecting” about his relationship. “It’s absolutely unhinged behavior and it’s massively damaging for no f—ing reason. I don’t know why anybody in their right mind would do this s—. It is so stupid.”

xQc added that it felt like Kaceytron was “baiting” him to get attention since she wasn’t relevant. He felt she was stooping to a lower level because her former bait tactics no longer work.

Kaceytron has already responded to xQc’s clap back, accusing him of purposefully misquoting her to “send more deranged incels” after her.

“xQc must have seen it and then started to mald in his offline chat over it,” Kaceytron continued. “What I said, in my opinion, wasn’t even that bad… It was just a few messages sent in Hascord. All I know is… the fact that he’s so mad about what I said is just another red flag.”


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