What caused the breakup between xQc and Nyyxxii?

By Olivia Richman


Nov 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is usually known for his gambling content, Overwatch toxicity, and his eccentric behavior, but a recent breakup with fellow streamer Nyyxxii has fans reeling for answers.

xQc’s dating life has been somewhat of a rollercoaster the past few months. He initially skipped QTCinderella’s Shitcamp due to relationship drama, which ultimately turned out to be xQc breaking up with his on-and-off girlfriend Adept due to her clashing with his brother. Adept called out xQc after he revealed the situation, which she wanted to keep private.

Very soon after the breakup, Adept was spotted at xQc’s house during a stream. She even went up and kissed his cheek. Around this time, it was also revealed that xQc’s luxury sports car was registered to Adept and she was using it to drive her friends around.

Fans started wondering if xQc and Adept were back together. But then xQc was seen kissing another streamer, Nyyxxii, during a wild broadcast with friends. Nyyxxii came across as a bit of a party animal and some fans were concerned about xQc getting involved with her.

But just as quickly as the two were spotted together, the two were seen unfollowing each other on social media. So what happened between xQc and Nyyxxii?

xQc and Nyyxxii call it quits after he is accused of cheating

As rumors continued to swirl surrounding his relationships, xQc decided to discuss the situation on stream.

xQc explained that he had ultimately decided to date Nyyxxii but the two split very soon after due to some controversy with Adept. Leaked messages revealed that Adept had called Nyyxxii from xQc’s phone after seeing a message exchange between the two from when he was still dating Adept.

“I think she’s more hurt than she should be. She thinks I engaged with this new person while we were still dating. So she thinks I possibly cheated. I’m like… Okay, I didn’t,” xQc told his fans. “I have nothing to f—ing hide.”

xQc recalled asking Adept why she was calling Nyyxxii. Then he heard Nyyxxii pick up. According to leaked Discord messages from Nyyxxii, Adept told her to stop talking about her and then said that xQc was lying to her.

After streaming, Nyyxxii looked on social media to find out that xQc had apparently blocked her on every platform.

“It’s f—ing with my head,” she wrote.

Adept has not discussed the matter publicly on her social media since xQc explained the situation. Nyyxxii has not outright explained her side of the breakup but has made some cryptic tweets after losing acquaintance with xQc.

Fans are still unsure who was at fault when it came to the breakup.