Adept xQc

Court rules that xQc won’t have to pay $500,000 to ex Adept

By Olivia Richman


Mar 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Ever since it was revealed that Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Samantha “Adept” Lopez were married, fans of the popular streamer have been following the semi-secret drama like celebrity gossip columns. Most recently, fans wondered if xQc would end up having to pay Adept after the divorce.

Earlier in 2023, the streaming community found out that xQc and Adept used to be married when a court document was uncovered outlining their divorce. It was later revealed that xQc and Adept were in some type of legal battle, with Adept even accusing xQc of “violating a court order” during a stream. Then, it came to light that Adept had taken xQc to court in an attempt to get a portion of his net worth.

Is xQc paying Adept after the divorce?

YouTuber Henry Resilient was able to uncover some interesting updates about the legal drama between the two streamers.

The YouTuber found out that Adept had filed a request “for security for compliance,” meaning she would receive $500,000 if xQc broke any court orders. She also asked the court for repeated installments due to “insufficient income” after the divorce, basically a form of spousal support that would have xQc giving her monthly payments to compensate for her loss of lifestyle.

The court denied both requests.

“‘Request for Security for Compliance, I want that half a million dollar bond and if he messes up then I could be rich and stop streaming on GTA RP guys.’ So the judge was like ‘hell no you not getting no half-a-million dollar bond awarded to you if he mess up,’” Henry Resilient ranted.

The final blow came when the court also turned down her request to have xQc pay for her legal fees, including lawyers and appraisals.

Said one YouTube comment: “I can’t believe he is going through all this nonsense just because he had a girlfriend who he lived with. Relationships can be so dangerous. The time, legal fees, and stress of this will probably make xQc go MGTOW. No wonder marriage and birth rates are at an all time low.”

Adept did get one win, however. It was ruled that she was given exclusive use of their multiple cars.

On January 23, 2023, xQc also agreed that he wouldn’t gamble or wager any of his funds until the court says so. This was most likely advice from xQc’s lawyer, who wanted him not to “look bad” during the divorce, according to Henry Resilient.

While this may make it difficult for xQc to switch to Kick in the future, it seems like a win overall for the Juicer. Fans are relieved that he won’t be giving a good chunk of his net worth to Adept. Many have voiced frustration with Adept, accusing her of going after xQc’s money.

Neither Adept nor xQc has made any comments about the legal situation, however. Some have wondered why xQc is being so tight-lipped about it.