“I know they’re cowards”: Andrew Tate calls out his haters

By Olivia Richman


Jan 30, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Andrew Tate has been tweeting up a storm during this time behind bars. He most recently warned his followers that he’s been “tracking” who is and isn’t supporting him.

Tate and his brother were arrested as part of a human trafficking ring investigation in Romania. He’s been under prolonged detainment while the investigation continues. He’s continued to claim his innocence, stating that there’s no evidence against him — aside from the interviews of him discussing his web cam sex ring strategies and the victims coming forward to accuse him of kidnapping, abuse, and rape. For now, Tate has had his custody extended as the investigation continues.

Throughout the entire ordeal, many people have stuck with Tate’s side and agreed with him that he is being punished by the Matrix despite his innocence. And now, Tate is letting people know that he’s keeping score of who has offered him public support.

“During my incarceration, I’ve been tracking everyone who stood up in support. Everyone stood on the fence. And those too scared to stick up for me despite my innocence,” Tate said on Twitter.

The Top G also added that anyone not standing up for him is a coward.

Andrew Tate support pours in on Twitter

The response, to nobody’s surprise, has been mixed. Some people have tweeted back that nobody should come to a conclusion until there is a verdict. Until then, he can’t be called innocent nor guilty. Others have added that he was locked up for an additional amount of time despite there being “no evidence” found in the first 30 days.

Another group of people, however, have called Tate out for saying stupid things on Twitter and some even wondered if he would start asking for donations from the Andrew Tate support group. The clashing of opinions has made for some very heated debates.

What is next for Andrew Tate?

The investigation into the human trafficking ring and further abuse allegations is still ongoing. As this continues, Tate will be kept in jail with the other people who have been accused.

Meanwhile, Tate has given Channel 4 “full access” to his life for a documentary on his rise to fame and the investigation. The 60-minue documentary is being directed by the same team behind Leaving Neverland, about Michael Jackson. The crew is currently gathering “extensive footage” from over the past decade to create the unnamed documentary about Tate.

“How Andrew Tate became the most viral influencer on the planet, and what forces and experiences shaped Tate the man (as opposed to the controversy-seeking media icon) is what we’re trying to find out,” producer Dan Reed said. “Tate has given us full access and we’re looking forward to carrying on filming if he gets out of jail in the coming weeks.”