Andrew Tate brought to hospital while in custody, blames the Matrix

By Olivia Richman


Jan 9, 2023

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Controversial public figure Andrew Tate has been hospitalized while in police custody, and he’s blaming it on the Matrix. Again.

Once known for his sexist rhetoric and red pill talking points online, Tate ended up getting arrested as a result of an investigation into a human trafficking ring. Tate was accused of kidnapping women and forcing them to do sex work from his home in Romania. He is now being detained for 30 days while the investigation continues.

It’s now been reported that Tate was brought to the hospital while in police custody.

Andrew Tate claims Matrix “attacked” him

Andrew Tate

While in police custody, Tate was rushed to the hospital due to a medical issue. He developed a lung module, which is a growth in the lung that could potentially become cancerous. After learning of the growth, Tate requested to see a doctor and get a biopsy to check if there was cancer.

But that’s not the way Tate worded it on Twitter.

“The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to kill,” Tate rambled.

This coincides with another strange Matrix-related tweet Tate sent out when he was first arrested. He even created a poll where he asked his fans if they believed Tate was attacked by the Matrix or if they “believed the media.”

Most recently, Tate claimed on Twitter that the Matrix “does not play fair.”

Fans have been responding to the Matrix attack claims with photos of Neo getting arrested in the science fiction films. Many people believe that Tate is innocent of all accusations and are calling for him to be released despite ongoing sexual assault accusations.

When it comes to human trafficking, however, that is still being investigated. For now, it hasn’t been determined if Tate is guilty of this serious crime.

Why does Andrew Tate keep bringing up the Matrix?

The Matrix is an iconic sci-fi film about humanity being unknowingly trapped within a simulation. The iconic scene where Morpheus offers Neo a blue or red pill has become synonymous with the “manosphere,” an online culture revolving around young men described as “involuntarily celibate” and look up to men like Tate for inspiration on how to treat women.

In the film, Morpheus says that the Matrix is the world that “blinds you from the truth” and that the red pill offers humans a chance to “free themselves” from this phony existence. Essentially, these easily influenced young men believe that they are trapped in “feminist culture” that is meant to keep them down while uplifting women — and the red pill is a way to “defeat” this movement.

After initially getting banned from social media, Elon Musk brought him back to Twitter. Musk started to compare himself to Morpheous, who freed Neo — in this case, Tate — from the simulation and allowed him to experience the real world.

Since then, Tate has been claiming that the Matrix is responsible for his arrest. In reality, Tate was part of an investigation into a human trafficking ring in Romania. The police were able to locate him after he responded to young activist Greta Thunberg with a video that included pizza boxes from a local pizza chain. He’s now being detained while the investigation continues.


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