Andrew Tate lighting a cigar

Andrew Tate’s custody extended as human trafficking investigation continues

By Olivia Richman


Jan 20, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Prolific figure and red-pill influencer Andrew Tate will be remaining in custody longer than originally planned.

Tate and his brother, Tristan, were arrested as part of a human trafficking investigation after he was accused of kidnapping and abusing women. He wound up in custody after he gave away his location in a salty tweet that showed a pizza box from a local chain. Now, he’s being held in jail while authorities look further into his webcam sex business, which he has explained in interviews as women working for him and giving him all of the money they earn.

Tate has declared he is innocent on Twitter, but the investigation is continuing.

Romanian court to extend Andrew Tate’s custody

Earlier this month, Tate and his brother appeared in the court of appeals to ask if he could get out of the 30-day detention. For five hours, Tate explained that he needed to leave jail in order to take care of his children. The two brothers left the building in handcuffs and were put back in detention.

Now, the Tate brothers and two other people arrested as part of the ongoing investigation will be held for another 30 days. This means that Tate will be in jail until at least February 27, 2023. The longest he can be held is 180 days, with prosecutors having the ability to ask for 30-day extensions to the detention as the investigation continues.

What is Andrew Tate being accused of?

Andrew Tate was initially arrested as part of an investigation into a human trafficking ring in Romania. According to Tate himself, he has a webcam studio where women work all day, but he is given all of the money. He would get women to work for him by luring them to meet him under the pretense of a date and then “convincing” them to work for him with the help of women that already worked for him.

Tate also admitted to not giving women access to any information about the business or client so she can’t go off and do the webcam work on her own. He also stated that he would convince women they couldn’t do this work without him, making them reliant on him.

Late in 2022, rumors started to spread that Tate had kidnapped a few women and had them do sex work from his home against their will. This was part of the subsequent human trafficking investigation in Romania, a country Tate admitted to choosing for their more lenient domestic violence laws.

After Tate was arrested as part of the ongoing investigation, women came forward to share their stories of abuse and rape at the hands of the red pill podcaster. Some of these stories echoed allegations made against him years ago, including his tricking women into going to his house and forcing them to perform sexual acts with him.

For now, the investigation is continuing. Tate is claiming innocence on social media, stating that there is no evidence to prove him guilty. Andrew Tate will remain in custody, meanwhile.