Andrew Tate

“No justice in Romania”: Andrew Tate comments on arrest

By Olivia Richman


Jan 26, 2023

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It seems as though Romania isn’t as lax about domestic violence laws as Andrew Tate originally boasted.

Andrew Tate is a former athlete and reality television star who later became known for his red pill content on YouTube, Twitch, and podcasts. The controversial figure began to have his accounts blocked all over the internet as he continued to not only spread harmful sexist rhetoric to impressionable young boys, but share advice on how to start a webcam business in a way that seemed a bit illegal.

It later turned out that Tate was part of a human trafficking investigation along with his brother and two women. He was detained late last year as the investigation into various allegations against him continued. This included keeping women in his home against their will and forcing them to do sex work as well as some women coming forward to accuse Tate of rape and abuse.

Tate and his brother appeared in court in an attempt to be released during the duration of the investigation, claiming he had children to take care of. But the judge ruled that the detainment be extended to February 27, 2023 as the investigation continued. He also had his assets seized, including multiple high-end sports cars.

Despite Tate’s current imprisonment, the incel hero has been granted visitors and has been allowed to use social media. Tate has been emailing fans about the condition of his detainment and has been using Twitter to continuously claim his innocence, despite previously admitting during multiple interviews that he condones violence against women.

Tate recently claimed that “the Matrix” got to him on Twitter. But now, for the first time since his arrest, Tate has made a public appearance and spoke to reporters directly for the first time.

Andrew Tate speaks publicly for first time since arrest

Tate has continued to claim that the case against him includes no proof aside from audio recordings and victim statements. But he also told reporters that there is “no justice” in Romania. This is an interesting statement from Tate, since he previously explained that he moved to Romania because the laws are not as strict.

“They know we have done nothing wrong. The case file is completely empty. Of course, it’s unjust. There is no justice in Romania, unfortunately,” Tate said.

His brother also claimed there was “no evidence.”

The investigation, however, is still ongoing. Tate has not been cleared of any crimes, including abuse, rape, or human trafficking. Meanwhile, Romanian authorities will be able to detain Tate for up to 180 days at the request of prosecutors if the investigation takes that long.

What happens next is still unknown, as it will depend on the outcome of that investigation. Right now, Tate is getting interrogated and his devices are being searched.


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