Did Kai Cenat turn down a $40 million Kick deal?

By Olivia Richman


May 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial streamer Adin Ross has been pushing Kick hard, asking top streamers to ditch Twitch for the rival streaming platform that allows gambling and porn. Recently, Ross claimed that Kai Cenat and Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins turned down a $40 million exclusivity deal with Kick, but Cenat is denying this entirely.

Kai Cenat has become the top streamer on Twitch. His questionable subathon resulted in him breaking subscriber records on the popular platform. Meanwhile, IShowSpeed has been growing a massive fanbase on YouTube despite a lot of offensive behavior throughout his career.

Due to their big following, Ross has been practically begging the content creators to leave Twitch and join him on Kick.

“I’m hurt,” Ross said on stream. “I wanted Kai and Speed on Kick, I’m going to be honest. We originally offered Kai and Speed 40 million. I think Kai was 40 million and Speed was 40 million, they said no, but I don’t know what Rumble offered.”


Kai Cenat responds to $40 million Kick deal rumors

Kai Cenat immediately shut down the idea that he turned down a $40 million exclusivity deal with Kick. After hearing Ross discuss the situation on stream, Cenat told his own followers that it’s “cap” and “not an actual leak.”

“On my soul, that is cap,” Cenat said.

Cenat seemed a bit frustrated with Ross publicly discussing the deal in the first place. He questioned what Ross was doing and said that he didn’t like that the offer was being mentioned on stream.

“Why even talk about it?” Cenat questioned. “I’ll call him off-stream. That’s weird, bro.”

For now, Cenat hasn’t made any public statements regarding plans to leave Twitch for Kick or elsewhere. Instead, he seems focused on his new content with IShowSpeed, including a new show and some rap music. In fact, Ross recently called out Cenat and IShowSpeed for a preview of their recent collaboration, calling it “trash.”