Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate claims he may be killed, begs followers to “send their best”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 15, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The so-called Top G is now in fear for his life, claiming he may be killed in prison.

Former red pill influencer Andrew Tate was arrested in late 2022, so he could be detained while Romanian law enforcement continued to investigate a human trafficking ring. While he has continued to claim his innocence, Tate’s detainment was recently prolonged as the investigation keeps going.

While detained, Tate has kept busy by tweeting his innermost thoughts to his young male followers. His fans have been claiming Tate is innocent, and he continues to feed the outcries with tweets about his treatment in prison. Now, Tate is claiming he could be killed.

Is Andrew Tate in danger?

If you ask Tate, yes.

Recently, Tate took to Twitter to discuss the “possible futures” that await him. One is that he will emerge from prison as “the most respected and influential man on the planet,” or “they” will kill him.

“I ask my enemies to make a choice. I will stay awake tonight, prepared for mortal combat,” Tate tweeted.

Tate is likely not getting out any time soon as the investigation into various claims against him continues. This includes human trafficking accusations, as well as women coming forward with stories of abuse and rape. The court recently ruled that he also “brainwashed” women.

He has also claimed that “the Matrix” has taken hold of him, saying there’s “no justice” in Romania. Through it all, his supporters have attempted to copy his rhetoric. But those that don’t support Tate have been wondering who “they” are and who Tate continues to reference in his tweets.

Hundreds of young boys have continued to provide support for Tate, stating that the world “needs” him and telling him to overcome his haters and oppressors. Meanwhile, other Twitter users have started to mock Tate for his cryptic tweets.

While Tate is still in prison, his mind is apparently in “The Real World.” This is where Tate continues to “influence the world,” “change lives.” In a recent tweet, Tate stated: “I am locked in a cell for now. But it could be worse. I exist falsely imprisoned with a smile.”