Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate brainwashed women, according to court documents

By Olivia Richman


Feb 3, 2023

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A Romanian court has ruled that Andrew Tate has brainwashed two women.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested by authorities in Romania at the end of December 2022 as part of an investigation into a human trafficking ring. Tate has previously admitted to convincing women to do sex work for him while he keeps all of the money and client information but has since denied that he’s guilty. Instead, Tate has started telling his impressionable young fanbase that he’s been captured by the Matrix.

Since then, multiple women have come forward to accuse Tate of rape and abuse, but the investigation is still ongoing. Meanwhile, Tate is being detained by authorities. The detainment was recently extended since the investigators needed more time.

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Romanian court rules that Tate brainwashed women

As part of the investigation, two women have come forward to state that they worked for Andrew and Tristan willingly. The two spoke with a clinical psychologist, and the report concluded that the women were brainwashed. The trauma they suffered at the hands of Tate had left them unaware that they had been exploited.

The Romanian court stated that the two victims “denied any form of exploitation” by Tate, but their version of events “do not reflect reality.”

Read the report: ‘It is known that, in the case of the ‘lover boy’ or ‘by falling in love’ recruitment method, the victims of human trafficking do not always recognize the fact that they were enslaved and exploited and do not cooperate with the judicial bodies, attesting to the idea that these activities were carried out voluntarily.”

As Tate himself has admitted to in so many words in interviews, the two brothers would pretend to have a romantic interest in the women with help from two female accomplices. Then the two would get the women to Romania and intimidate them into working for them. Tate has since denied that he’s done this. But there are interviews online that explain Tate’s manipulation methods.


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