Amouranth OnlyFans

Amouranth reveals why she still hasn’t left OnlyFans

By Olivia Richman


Jul 25, 2022

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The Twitch community was shocked when streamer, investor, and adult content creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa stated that she planned to leave OnlyFans in June 2022. Yet once July rolled around, Amouranth seemed more active on the app than ever. So is Amouranth leaving OnlyFans?

Amouranth became popular on Twitch for her shock antics and adult content, finding loopholes with the broadcast platform’s Terms of Service. She is known for creating the “hot tub meta” on Twitch and exploding the ASMR category. And it’s no wonder Amouranth is willing to get banned from Twitch when the majority of her income is from OnlyFans.

While announcing her pending retirement, Amouranth revealed that she makes about $1.5 million a month from OnlyFans alone. Despite this incredible income, Amouranth told fans that she was planning to retire from OnlyFans in June 2022 to embark on other career opportunities, although fans were skeptical she could make that kind of money elsewhere.

Then June 2022 rolled around and Amouranth was still making raunchy content on OnlyFans. So is Amouranth leaving OnlyFans or not?

Amouranth responds to rumors that she is staying on OnlyFans

It’s now late July and Amouranth is still on OnlyFans. Many have questioned if she planned to leave adult content behind after all. Some even accused her of “lying” about retiring to amp up her OnlyFans income further.

On her personal Twitter account, Amouranth addressed one fan who said she was lying about leaving OnlyFans. She explained that she extended her time on the app by six months to further fund a “crusade” she is embarking upon, completely funded by herself.

“We’re going to build a convention from the ground up. We’re not going to stuff vendors or employees and we’re sure as hell not going to sexually harass (or worse) guests,” Amouranth clarified.

There are currently no further details about Amouranth’s future plans, leaving the streaming community curious about the possibilities. Amouranth recently invested in a reality show and continues to invest in other businesses and stocks. But so far, this supposed convention is the first major career move she has opened up to fans about.


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