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Is Amouranth really leaving OnlyFans? Here’s what we know

by | Jul 2, 2022

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

In April, adult content creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa announced that she would be quitting OnlyFans in June. But has she followed through?

The news that Amouranth was leaving OnlyFans shocked many in the streaming community since she has said that she makes upwards of $1.5 million per month from OnlyFans alone. But Amouranth explained on her personal Twitter that she was going after multiple new projects and investments that, while more risky, she hoped would have significant payoff and could replace some of her lost income.

But fans were skeptical. She asked who had her back while she tackled this new line of work, but thousands responded that she was doomed without adult content. Now it seems that Amouranth may also have decided that adult content was the safer route.

Amouranth was intending to delete her OnlyFans account in June, even tweeting that she was “retiring from e-girling forever” on April 12. But all throughout June and now even into July, Amouranth has been posting sexy photos all across her social media. On July 1 she even directly advertised her active OnlyFans account.

If you look at Amouranth’s links on Twitter, you can clearly see that her OnlyFans, Fansly, Patreon, ASMR YouTube, and Snapchat are all still listed. When you click on the OnlyFans link, you’ll still be brought to her active OnlyFans page where she continues to post new content.

What’s more, Amouranth is now promoting “hardcore” video on her OnlyFans site, a first for her. So it’s possible that rather than retiring from adult content, Amouranth could be leaning even further into it as 2022 continues.

For now, it seems that Amouranth is still producing adult content. It’s unclear why Amouranth decided to go back on her original plan, whether it’s because an intended project fell through or just not wanting to give up what is likely her biggest source of income.

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