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Amouranth reveals OnlyFans earnings after quitting adult content

By Olivia Richman


Apr 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is quitting adult content in June, including OnlyFans. This came as a surprise to the streaming community since it’s how Amouranth was previously making the majority of her money. But just how much money was Amouranth earning on OnlyFans? Amouranth has decided to spill all the details.

Amouranth has been continuously bending Twitch’s rules with sensual new “metas” as well as coming up with wild new ways to capitalize on her burgeoning fame. This has ranged from becoming a Playboy model of sorts to having billboards put up around Los Angeles. Amouranth has even started selling her farts.

This made it all the more shocking when Amouranth announced that she was going to quit adult content behind. She has apparently invested a lot of money into a new type of content on Twitch, but has yet to reveal all the details. So how is she able to afford all of this?

Amouranth reveals OnlyFans income after retiring

On April 19, Amouranth went on a Twitter rant regarding a fake Instagram account with a fake fan site that has somehow remained on the site despite protest from the famous streamer. Amouranth said that Instagram has declined to act on her report, claiming the site has told her there’s no proof since her own Instagram account has been taken down.

After begging fans to help her by reporting the fake account, Amouranth admitted that she understands why someone would make a fake account of her. She explained that there’s an incentive to pretend to be her on Instagram since they can capitalize on her OnlyFans fame.

This tangent led Amouranth to declare her monthly income on OnlyFans now that she’s retiring from producing adult content. Her main OnlyFans alone makes about $1.5 million a month “pretty easily.” So why wouldn’t someone want to create a fake account to get some of that income themselves, Amouranth speculated.

Some people are surprised that Amouranth would give up that kind of money for good by retiring from OnlyFans. Many have told Amouranth she was better off sticking to adult content in a recent poll by the adult streamer. But Amouranth has yet to reveal the full extent of her post-OnlyFans plans.

Amouranth to produce Streamer Royale show

One endeavor has come to light, however. Amouranth is the lead producer for a new show called Streamer Royale.

The new show’s details are still a mystery to fans. Its contestants are being announced soon, according to Streamer Royale’s Twitter page. But it’s not yet clear what the contestants will do, how long the show runs for, or even where it will air.

For Amouranth, this is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Fans should expect more about her career soon.