Yvonnie defends Pokimane after her latest fight with Fedmyster

By Olivia Richman


Dec 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch star Iman “Pokimane” Anys recently responded to a leaked document written by Former Offline TV member Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan, telling her side of the ongoing drama surrounding their relationship in the house. Now, another involved personality is weighing in.

One of the ongoing controversies has been about Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng, who became the Offline TV house manager in 2018. Fedmyster was ultimately kicked from the streaming company when Yvonnie accused him of inappropriately touching her without consent. Pokimane then made a video about the situation in which she accused Fedmyster of wanting Yvonnie removed from the house because he allegedly kept having to take on her workload. 

Fedmyster responded to the video with a 25-page document, where he seemed to put the blame on Pokimane. He showed screenshots of Pokimane complaining about Yvonnie not doing enough work and being too focused on streaming League of Legends. 

When Pokimane responded to the leaked document, she showed screenshots of her own which indicated that Fedmyster complained to multiple people about Yvonnie’s work. Pokimane expressed that she regretted believing Fedmyster. She stated that if she knew what Fedmyster had done to Yvonnie she would have better understood why Yvonnie was avoiding him. 

“In my initial stream discussing Fed, I was extremely frustrated because I had just found out what fully happened to Yvonne, and to think back at the times he complained to me about her and I blindly believed him made me livid,” Pokimane said.

Now, Yvonnie has come forward in defense of Pokimane in a recent stream. 

Yvonnie defends Pokimane during Fedmyster drama

In Fedmyster’s potentially misleading document, he stated that Pokimane was angry at Yvonnie for trying to grow her own streaming career. This was apparently not the case. According to Yvonnie, Pokimane “made an exception” for Yvonnie. They had been friends for a few years and Pokimane understood who Yvonnie was and wanted to make things work. 

Yvonnie explained that Pokimane worked around Yvonnie’s streaming schedule because she knew she enjoyed creating content. The two talked at length about hiring a business manager who could handle some of the Offline TV duties so Yvonnie could continue to stream. Yvonnie noted that Pokimane was the one who gave her the “green light” to create YouTube content as well. 

“She’s not the way people portray her to be, and she gets shit on a lot just because it’s her, and it feels really unfair,” Yvonnie said. 

Pokimane and Yvonnie say that they are still friends to this day. Despite the continuing drama surrounding Fedmyster’s accusations, more streamers have come forward in support of Pokimane. The celebrity streamer is certainly hoping that the situation will settle down soon, leaving Pokimane to again focus on her Among Us streams and a possible lifestyle YouTube channel. 


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