Fedmyster removed from OTV after housemates allege sexual assault

By Olivia Richman


Jun 29, 2020

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Multiple members of online entertainment group OfflineTV have accused popular content creator Federico “Fedmyster” Gayton of sexual harassment within their Los Angeles-based house. 

In response, OfflineTV immediately removed Fedmyster from the production company. He was also physically removed from the house. 

“We strive to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe,” OfflineTV tweeted. “With that in mind, Fed has been removed from OfflineTV. He will also no longer be living with us.” 

OfflineTV also noted that they “support Yvonne and her statement,” as well as anyone else who has recently shared their story of sexual assault within the gaming industry. Over the past few weeks, more than 200 streamers and esports professionals have been accused of sexual assault, rape, abuse, and and other forms of harassment against women in the gaming community. Despite Twitch’s general lack of action thus far, more women have felt encouraged to come forward and tell their stories. 

Fedmyster accused of sexual assault by OfflineTV streamers

League of Legends streamer Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng published a TwitLonger Saturday night outlining her experiences with Fedmyster. 

In her lengthy statement, Yvonnie said that Fed started off as her friend at OfflineTV. She remembered him being very welcoming during her early days at the streaming house and that they’d often watch movies together. Even though they would both hang out on the same bed, nothing inappropriate happened at first. 

Yvonnie then outlined a night where he broke her trust:

“I was lying in bed with all the lights off. The door opened and Fed came in, drunk from going out that night. He crawled into my bed and laid there for a bit. Then he grabbed my hand and held it…and I didn’t move at all cause I was shocked. He then brushed my hand against his cheek, and kissed it after. I was still in a state of shock, trying to process what’s happening, because this guy is supposed to be my friend. He also knew I had a boyfriend at the time.”

Soon after, Fedmyster had his hand under her shirt, close to her breast. That was where the interaction ended, and Fedmyster claimed he didn’t remember what happened later that night.

Even after this claim, Fedmyster would repeat most of the behavior that hade made Yvonnie uncomfortable. At this point, Yvonnie decided to keep the interactions to herself, scared that the “world would come crashing down” if she told anyone. She started to avoid Fed and focus on League of Legends instead. 

When she finally decided to talk to him about what he did, Fedmyster claimed he didn’t remember once again, but said he was a “horrible person.” He then asked her if she had told anyone. Yvonnie noted that he never apologized for inappropriately touching her. 

“Thinking back, his thought process was super messed up, because he was more worried about people finding out, than how he hurt me,” she wrote. 

Fedmyster accused of harassing Pokimane in OTV house

For a while, Yvonne felt she was possibly overreacting to what happened, even though she became “triggered” whenever he’d come into her room. She started to lock her door, which Fedmyster asked her about. She explained that she wanted to “avoid the situation,” but she noticed that Fed continued to “overstep boundaries” with other women in their friend group. The women would chalk it up to him being “lonely and drunk.” 

“One night the girls were hanging out together, and when the topic of Fed came up, we realized we all had our stories about him. Whether it was him lying about certain situations to be in his favor, or lying to us about girls leading him on when he was the one who got rejected, or manipulating us to have certain ideas of people/situations,” Yvonnie said. 

Yvonnie also mentioned that Pokimane had specifically been a target of the harassment.

Fed Pokimane assault

The women began to realize that his actions were “not fine.” Once they started seeing other women come forward, Yvonnie decided that she couldn’t ignore her situation any longer. She no longer wanted to see him or work with him. When she realized that Fed was “avoiding responsibility” and not seeming sorry for what he did, Yvonnie then decided to share her own story instead of making any more excuses for his behavior. 

“My intention for this statement is not to destroy him, but to warn other girls about his behavior, and how he pushes boundaries using alcohol as an excuse for his actions. He needs to be held accountable for his actions, learn from his mistakes, and not avoid them like how he was trying to again this time around,” Yvonnie concluded. 

Streaming community responds to sexual assault allegations against Fedmyster

Yvonnie stated that OfflineTV has been very supportive after she brought up the sexual assault allegations. She explained that they took “great measures” to ensure she was okay, asking her to never be silent. She said they made her feel “empowered” to speak her truth. Yvonnie then requested that people “refrain from shitting on OfflineTV.”

“Lastly, please remember that FED IS HUMAN, and refrain from extremely hurtful comments that I know he’s going to receive. Words can have a very scary impact, and again I want to emphasize that my intention with this statement is not to destroy him,” Yvonnie stated. 

The responses to Yvonnie’s TwitLonger were mostly supportive of her choice to tell her story, although some felt that Fedmyster would have his career ruined no matter what her intentions were. 

Fedmyster decided to come forward with his own response to the allegations, explaining that his friends had informed him that he’d made them feel “uncomfortable or uneasy.” 

“In light of recent events, this pained me greatly as it was not and has never been my intention to hurt those closest to me. I fully understand the importance of having their voices heard, and I believe I should take a step back, give them space and listen to their story,” Fedmyster continued. 

Fedmyster never apologized to Yvonnie or any of the other women he allegedly sexually assaulted. 

Fedmyster’s fans came forward to defend him. Some people expressed empathy for Fedmyster, saying that he needed support just as much as Yvonnie. Others were mad at “cancel culture.” A few peple expressed that he should get therapy or get help for his drinking in hopes that he could “get better” and learn from the mistakes he’d made. 

Fed OfflineTV sexual assault


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