Fedmyster calls out Pokimane for being manipulative and fake

By Olivia Richman


Nov 25, 2020

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Major drama has returned to haunt Imane “Pokimane” Anys once again. 

While Pokimane has mostly been spending time streaming Among Us, former Offline TV member Federic “Fedmyster” Gaitan has been gathering up the receipts to call out Pokimane for manipulating him in the past and then blaming him for getting fellow Offline TV member and Pokimane’s former friend Yvonne “Yvonine” Ng removed from the house. 

Fedmyster released a 25-page document that outlined his relationship with Pokimane, complete with presumed screenshots of their conversations. The purpose of the statement, Fedmyster said, was to address what Pokimane has been saying about him on stream and in videos. 

“Claims she has made about me are either false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued,” Fedmyster said. 

In June, when Pokimane ended up posting a video about Fedmyster, the streamer was kicked from Offline TV for alleged sexual assault. Yvonnie had claimed Fedmyster would touch her without her consent while he was drunk. Fedmyster claimed that he didn’t remember the incidents. 

Fedmyster opens up about relationship with Pokimane

The document started off by claiming Fedmyster and Pokimane had become very close after a trip to Taiwain. He shared screenshots of them constantly sending flirty texts to one another.

But despite this connection, Pokimane told him it was complicated because they lived together. She considered it a “conflict of interest.” Fedmyster was disappointed but he agreed to limit his contact with Pokimane after the conversation. Still, the two continued to have “sleepovers” and flirty conversations. 

Pokimane got upset, however, when Fedmyster started getting comfortable with her around other people. She warned him that they were getting “too couply” in front of others. Becoming frustrated with the situation, Fedmyster ranted about it to another streaming house, Just Friends. 

Later on, Pokimane claimed that Fedmyster had attempted to manipulate Just Friends into not liking her. This was something Pokimane addressed in a video she released earlier in the summer. 

Responding to the accusations made in this video, Fedmyster stated that Pokimane alienated herself from Just Friends. She would only visit the house, Fedmyster claimed, if she needed something. Fedmyster noted that Pokimane would often only do things if it benefited her and her business interests. 

When Pokimane started dating someone else, Fedmyster said the emotions got to him and that it took a toll on his mental health. 

Fedmyster addresses claims he wanted Yvonnie kicked from the house

In the video where Pokimane addresses Fedmyster, she also claims that he tried to get Yvonnie fired. That was something that Fedmyster wanted to address in his 25-page document. He stated at the start of the top that he had already apologized and talked to Yvonnie and others from the Offline TV house. But he also wanted to address the public allegations against him. 

“I always wanted Yvonnie to be a part of Offline TV,” Fedmyster said. 

Yvonnie was originally hired as the OTV house manager. Fedmyster states that Pokimane would often rant to him in private about how little effort Yvonnie was putting into her role. At one point, Pokimane even called a private meeting to discuss how Yvonnie was spending too much time making YouTube videos rather than doing her job. 

Later on, Offline TV moved to a new house with a new remote assistant. With more free time, Yvonnie started to focus on YouTube videos and streaming again. This was a source of frustration for Pokimane, Fedmyster claimed. 

Fedmyster and Pokimane continue rocky relationship

“I know this will in no way clear my name,” Fedmyster said in his statement, “but it’s been hard to sleep at night when I know there is so much misinformation and spiteful narratives against me out there that were carried by people I once considered family.” 

At one point after the initial drama went down, Fedmyster posted an Instagram photo captioned, “I’m working on myself.” He noticed that Pokimane had unfollowed him an hour after it went live. She then tweeted something he felt was aimed at him. 

Pokimane Fedmyster drama

Even though Fedmyster admitted he was part of the problem between Pokimane and himself, he claimed he was “never manipulative” and never attempted to cause Pokimane to lose friends. He also repeated that he never wanted Yvonnie fired. 

Fedmyster stated that all he wanted to do was to better defend himself from accusations made against him and to give people additional context on his side of the drama. Meanwhile, he states that he’s been in therapy and is now sober. 

Pokimane drama

The drama has continued to unfold across Twitter and Reddit. Even big-name streamers like Destiny have begun discussing the ongoing story between Fedmyster and Pokimane. While the drama has entertained the streaming community, it seems like Destiny’s analysis of Fedmystery and Pokimane’s flirty texts has become the highlight of the entire ordeal. 


Pokimane has promised to discuss the latest revelations when she next streams.


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