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Pokimane finally responds to growing Fedmyster drama

By Olivia Richman


Nov 30, 2020

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Scorned former Offline TV streamer Federic “Fedmyster” Gaitan recently accused Imane “Pokimane” Anys of being manipulative and of spreading falsehoods in her videos regarding her and Fedmyster’s complicated relationship in the house. 

Fedmyster later claimed that the screenshot-filled document made in response to Pokimane’s June video about the situation was actually leaked against his will. Fedmyster stated that the large document filled with private conversations between him and Pokimane was shared without his permission. 

“I regret that this was made public,” Fedmyster stated.

It’s been five days, but Pokimane has now come back with receipts of her own. And it’s clear that the streaming celebrity doesn’t believe Fedmyster’s document was leaked on accident. 

Pokimane responds to Fedmyster accusations

Pokimane shared a long document on Twitter for her fans to read. She immediately noted in the document that she was disappointed that the misleading messages within Fedmyster’s document were “leaked.” By putting the word leaked in quotation marks, it was quite clear that Pokimane was suggesting that Fedmyster shared the messages on purpose, making it necessary for her to discuss the incident once again. 

I feel forced to share my side of the story, now with evidence and context, to hopefully close this chapter once and for all. Knowing how much it hurts to have private convos leaked, I didn’t want it to have to come to sharing more info that is also private to Fed and my friends involved,” Pokimane explained. 

According to Pokimane, the document had been shared with Pokimane and others by Fedmyster himself. She allegedly told Fedmyster to delete the Google doc multiple times, which Fedmyster always claimed he would even though he never seemed to get around to it. This made it hard for Pokimane to believe Fedmyster didn’t want the document to be shared. 

Pokimane discusses Yvonnie situation again

Fedmyster was originally kicked out of the Offline TV house when another member, Yvonne “Yvonine” Ng, accused him of sexually assaulting her multiple times while he was intoxicated. 

In his 25-page document, Fedmyster claimed that Pokimane used him as a “scapegoat” in her June confession video about the situation, blaming him for Yvonnie leaving the house. Fedmyster insisted that Pokimane was the one who wanted Yvonnie fired because she felt Yvonnie didn’t fulfill her duties as a manager and that she spent too much time streaming. 

Pokimane decided to share texts of her own, “since the leaked document attempts to imply that I was plotting against her when this was not the case at all.” According to Pokimane, Fedmyster would “continuously complain” about Yvonnie, stating that he was “taking on her workload.” Sadly, nobody in the house knew why Yvonnie was avoiding Fedmyster at the time. 

In my initial stream discussing Fed, I was extremely frustrated because I had just found out what fully happened to Yvonne, and to think back at the times he complained to me about her and I blindly believed him made me livid,” Pokimane said.

She claimed that if she had known what Fedmyster had done to Yvonnie she never would have wanted her fired. Since then, Pokimane and Yvonnie have privately discussed what happened and Pokimane has apologized for the added stress she put Yvonnie through.

Yvonne Pokimane

Pokimane addresses her relationship with Fedmyster

Pokimane further addressed her relationship with Fedmyster, stateing that Fedmyster was known as a “serial flirt.” For this reason, Pokimane didn’t think her flirtatious texts with him were that significant. She said she may have been being “naive” in that sense, but that Fedmyster had portrayed her completely wrong in his confession. 

While Fedmyster continued the narrative that Pokimane appeared to lead him on, Pokimane stated that she made it abundantly clear after their Taiwan trip together that she was not interested in a romantic relationship with him. When he later told someone that Pokimane was interested in him and that the two of them and “had a thing,” she grew frustrated with him. 

“I confronted Fed about this immediately, and he apologized. Also, prior to my stream where I spoke about Yvonne and Lily’s situations with Fed, I messaged him to give him a heads up, and he specifically asked me not to bring it up to the public. He also admitted to this mistake when speaking to my best friend,” Pokimane explained in the document

Pokimane also hinted that his feelings being hurt over her pursuing another man was a bit hypocritical since she often heard of him flirting with other women. This included sleeping in their beds, and included women she was close friends with. 

Every time Pokimane told Fedmyster she just wanted to be friends, she claims he would flirt with her and push her boundaries. This was something he allegedly did with other women as well. 

“It’s extremely frustrating to see so many private and old incidents misrepresented to intentionally favor him. It’s also difficult to properly show my perspective without further invading Fed’s privacy or other girls’ privacy. I hope that anyone reading this can try to be understanding of that,” Pokimane explained. 

Pokimane stated that she’s seen a very “familiar pattern” for Fedmyster where he spreads “doubt and rumors” and forces people to think negatively of each other, hoping to divide friendships. She said she is not sure if he does it intentionally, but it keeps people apart and guarantees Fedmyster as each person’s “main confidant.” 

“I hope the screenshots and added context shows how disingenuous it was of Fed to attempt to frame this conversation as me being possessive of him,” Pokimane said. “It has been extremely jarring to have my privacy violated by someone I trusted for so long.” 

Pokimane also reiterated that her rocky relationship with Fedmyster played no part in why he was kicked from the Offline TV house. She claims that this was solely due to him inappropriately touching Yvonnie.


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