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xQc goes on rant after fans criticize gambling stream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 16, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is back to gambling now that he’s streaming on Kick but some fans are not liking the change of content.

xQc recently signed a non-exclusive contract with Kick, a Twitch competitor that is a lot more lenient. Unlike Twitch, Kick has been allowing a lot of adult content and gambling is one of their biggest categories. It was only a matter of time before xQc would go back to his seld-admitted addiction.

On August 15, xQc decided to play some slots, and a lot of viewers were not happy with his decision.

xQc reacts to fan backlash after gambling

xQc has been dealing with a lot of drama after his ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating and Adept hinted he could have been abusive. For this reason, he was extra sensitive when fans started to flip out at his decision to gamble on stream once again.

“It was just really, not disheartening, disappointing I’d say to see other people like waiting for me to be under fire again to pile on and get bonus points on their maps because they know I don’t have a good standing with the world right now, so they just want to pile on,” xQc said at the end of the stream.

xQc continued to rant about the backlash he has been getting from the streaming community. The relationship drama, reaction gate, and his decision to move to Las Vegas have all been sources of frustration for fans.

He explained that he feels ganged up on between his exes and his fans. He told viewers if they have something to say they should just “f—ing say it.”