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React-gate drama explained: xQc and Ethan Klein argue over stolen content

By Olivia Richman


Aug 8, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Ethan Klein, H3H3 podcast host, has been in an ongoing beef with Felix “xQc” Lengyel after he called out the popular Kick streamer for stealing content.

xQc and other content creators have been under fire for “reaction videos,” with others accusing them of using other people’s videos to get clicks without adding any substance of their own. The latest person to agree with this sentiment and openly discuss it is Klein.

“I’d like to say publicly that xQc is a content thief, and if you think that is defamation PLEASE sue me, b—. Destroying morons in court is my favorite hobby. And if you want me to explain why you are content thief, I’m happy to chat with you anytime,” Klein tweeted on August 3.

This led to the two influencers clashing on a live broadcast, which ultimately ended with xQc and Klein continuing to freak out on each other over private DMs.

xQc and Ethan Klein have “stolen content” debate

In response to Klein’s strong opinion on xQc’s popular reaction content, the Juicer privately asked Klein to debate him, calling him an “old man.” In response, Klein simply wrote back “sure.”

On August 7, the two debated about “fair use” of other people’s content when making reaction videos for live broadcasts and YouTube videos. Unfortunately, xQc is not known for his debating capabilities and quickly turned to insults and what-aboutisms. Many times, Klein said he wasn’t sure what point xQc was even trying to make and questioned his sources.

A lot of other content creators felt the debate was pointless as the two creators argued about how much commentary is needed to truly transform a video instead of just using other content to simply coast for views.

But most of the streaming community agreed that Klein ultimately won the debate by calling creators “victims” for having content stolen by xQc. Meanwhile, the Juicer was always quick to just accuse Klein of doing the same thing with no proof.

In response, xQc claimed that anyone complaining about him stealing content were “paid actors.”


xQc then claimed that he used smaller creators’ content to “make something good happen,” eluding that he is giving exposure to them by featuring them on his massive streams.

“Nice try. You do this to enrich yourself,” Klein said to xQc. “You’re a multi-millionaire and you steal content from small creators and you don’t give a f— about their rights or what they want. […] You’re not creating anything big for anyone. You’re just taking attention and views for yourself and you don’t give a f— about the consequences of that. It’s not your decision to make for other people’s property.”

xQc responded that Klein was trying to be like “Robin Hood” and accusing him of trying to be a “hero.”

xQc and Ethan Klein continue argument on Twitter

After the debate ended, xQc took to Klein’s DMs to continue arguing the stolen content topic. Klein started sharing the DMs on Twitter, which showed xQc calling him “old” and “bald.”


For now, the argument ended with xQc accusing Klein of “leaking” their private conversation and claiming that Klein was struggling with his finances. He even showed off his watch, telling Klein that it was worth more than his whole house.


In response, Klein just sent smiling emojis. His followers on Twitter called xQc “insecure” for feeling the need to flash his jewelry. Meanwhile, Klein and xQc have stopped talking about the drama — at least for now.