Fousey arrested

Fousey arrested after calling police on livestream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

In perhaps one of the most chaotic livestream moments of 2023, YouTuber Yousef “FouseyTube” Eraka called the police on himself and was ultimately arrested while broadcasting.

Fousey has been doing a subathon on Kick but his efforts came to a sudden halt last night. The stream quickly escalated into a wild and almost incomprehensible situation, leaving fans confused and concerned.

During the subathon, Fousey started ranting to his fans about getting banned on YouTube while heading down the highway. He claimed that the internet was “hating” on him but the bans were not setting him back from getting a “multi-million dollar deal” and “retiring” his family.

But after arriving at his hotel, Fousey called the police and claimed that his life was “in danger.” The security guy staying with him even told him to “calm down” as the two attempted to find the address of the Miami hotel to give to police.

“A guy told me I’m going to die tonight and I’m going to relax?” Fousey yelled.

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In an even stranger turn of events, Fousey started telling the police in a panicked scream that there was a gun to his head. When police arrived, Fousey continued to lie to the police that there was a gun being held to his head.

The police ended up putting him in handcuffs, which caused Fousey to freak out even more. The streamer called the police “dumb” for arresting a “viral” Palestinian Muslim. He then yelled at his viewers to “hashtag free Fousey” as he was being led out of his hotel room.

Why did Fousey call 911?

Fousey recently got in an intense altercation with a content creator known as Gonval when he accused Fousey of getting him banned from Kick. The argument was extreme and full of personal insults being flung all around.

At one point, Fousey allegedly threatened Gonval, which led to him calling the police on Fousey while he was livestreaming from his hotel in Miami. Some believe that Gonval did this in revenge but others believe he was truly concerned for his safety.

In retaliation, Fousey called the police at the same time, claiming that Gonval was attacking him.

There hasn’t been an update since, but it seems that Fousey was then arrested. It’s unclear exactly what led to the arrest.