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xQc slams Twitch’s gambling ban, says it’s bigger than ever in 2023

By Fariha Bhatti


May 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s been almost two years since Twitch banned gambling, but xQc is still salty about it, claiming gambling is bigger than ever. 

Twitch announced a new policy on gambling-related content on August 11, 2021, explicitly stating that all forms of gambling content, including but not limited to online casinos, sports betting, and lotteries, are now prohibited on the platform. This implication became more severe in 2022-2023 when gambling giants like Trainwreck jumped ship due to Twitch’s strict rules. Juicer is still loyal to the purple banner, but he’s clearly not happy. 

Fans urged xQc to open CSGO loot boxes during his stream, despite Twitch’s anti-gambling rules. This led to an extreme reaction from xQc, who is on the fence about Twitch’s decision to ban gambling. According to the Juicer, gambling is all that’s hot in 2023. 

“Bruh, where has been the anti-gamba energy? Where has it been at? There’s been none of it! Actually zero! Nobody cares. And gamba is as big, if not bigger it is now. Legitimately! It actually is!” xQc said. 

xQc is still upset about Twitch’s ban on gambling

In all fairness, he’s not wrong. Serial-gambling streamers have switched to platforms like Kick, making big bucks by playing slots and indulging in the best crash gambling sites at DappGambl. xQc, on the other hand, was forced to give up on gambling content and focus more on gaming and Just Chatting.

This switch hasn’t necessarily affected his popularity, but the Juicer is still unhappy. So, when fans asked him to gamble in-game, he seemed thoroughly annoyed. 

“Do some gamba.” Yeah, gamba on what? Bro, you’re not going to f**king advocate to f**king ban gamba s**t and then glaze all over f**king CS: GO gamba s**t. It’s just not going to happen, man. Not happening,” He said. 

According to xQc, gamblers are still riding the wave, but no one seems to care because Twitch big-shots have been forced to stop. Despite the ban, gambling is still bigger than ever, and the impact is the same, xQc claimed. 

So far, Twitch hasn’t responded to streamers opposing the ruling, but it won’t be long before more creators get frustrated with double standards. 

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