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xQc urges fans to “stop watching” if they don’t like gambling content

By Olivia Richman


May 17, 2022

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Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has had a stressful past few months. He recently moved back to Canada due to ongoing doxxing issues and dealt with family backlash for his public gambling addiction.

While xQc initially announced that he was fine having a gambling addiction since he could afford it, he has since become sick of the backlash from his ongoing decision to gamble away millions on betting sites.

On Discord, xQc opened up about his community’s continued complaints about his open gambling addiction. He told fans that he’s not streaming to “be a role model” and is on Twitch to “have fun.” For this reason, xQc said he will continue gambling until it becomes boring to him.

“I apologized because people led me to believe there was a problem [with gambling]. I was wrong. There isn’t any problem. Sorry for apologizing,” xQc ranted.

xQc lashes out at fans who don’t like gambling content

The Discord message addressed a lot of the things xQc has been seeing in his community and on the internet as a whole regarding his gambling streams.

A lot of xQc’s fans have felt that the former Overwatch League pro is a “hypocrite” for going back and forth with his view on gambling. At one point, xQc condemned gambling on stream, saying it was dangerous to younger fans. But now he’s back to gambling full-force, even losing $1.8 million in one month.

“I’m not a hypocrite,” xQc responded. “I literally changed perspective and voiced that very clearly over the last months.”

xQc added that he doesn’t care if people don’t watch him anymore. He said that concerned fans should speak with their parents if they want a role model and that anyone “hurt” by his decision to gamble should watch another streamer instead.

xQc also argued that nobody should make fun of him for being addicted “like it’s a joke.” He pointed out that he’s seen memes “flying around” and knows he’s being “clowned” for his gambling addiction. To those people, xQc said they should “get a grip of your own life” before focusing on his issues.

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“You wanna see despair? I’ll show you despair,” xQc ended.

A lot of people agreed with xQc that it’s not an issue if his content contains gambling. They pointed out that parents should be controlling what their kids watch and it isn’t up to xQc to be appropriate for everyone’s child.

Others, however, feel that xQc is spiraling out of control. They tweeted that xQc seems to have reached a new low with his mobile gaming and gambling streams. While they agreed he can “do whatever he wants,” they pointed out that there are still consequences for doing controversial, unpopular content.


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