xQc responds to abuse and cheating allegations on stream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has reached a breaking point as allegations from former partners continue to pop up.

The relationship side of his private life exploded into the public when xQc split with Samantha “Adept” Lopez in March of this year. It was revealed around that time that xQc and Adept were married, and the divorce resulted in some stressful court cases and financial drama.

Then, xQc claimed that Adept had entered his house without permission. The entire situation confused the streaming community, but most people seemed to unanimously agree that Adept was the instigator and refused to leave the spotlight. Now, another former partner has claimed that xQc cheated on her.

On August 13, former Overwatch pro Fran told her fans that xQc had cheated on her while they were together.

Fran added that xQc was not physically abusive to her. However, his ex-wife tried really hard to convince her otherwise. Fran herself wasn’t too sure if this was true since she has always disliked Adept for her cold behavior.

“I got scared when she was talking about her… the ‘abuse,’ quote-unquote, that she went through with him. She was stone-cold in the face, no emotion. Like, serial killer.” Fran said.

xQc responds to abuse and cheating allegations

During a livestream, Fran called up xQc to have him confirm that he had cheated on her. He immediately admitted to the cheating in an attempt to get his fans to stop accusing Fran of lying.

But when it came to abuse, xQc denied all allegations.

“I will not stand for that. In all of my relationships, whether it’s with friends, whether it’s with girls, I have never been a singular incident, physically abusive, a singular time. It has never happened,” xQc said on stream.

Still, drama has continued to surround xQc, including someone claiming that Adept was previously pregnant with his child. Adept was frustrated that this was shared publicly but confirmed it to be the case.

xQc took to Twitter to take accountability for “the wrongs” he’s done but said he’s sick of the other rumors flying around. He even accused Adept and others of making up rumors in an attempt to get money out of him.

For now, xQc has not said anything more on the matter. The Juicer has been stressed with moving, relationship drama, and dealing with the toxicity of his viewers, which has been largely aimed at him.