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xQc calls out Twitch for allowing Neymar to gamble

By Olivia Richman


Mar 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Despite being prohibited on the streaming platform, gambling has continued to be a controversial topic on Twitch. This time, Felix “xQc” Lengyel called out Twitch for hypocrisy after he saw that Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr. was gambling on his broadcast.

Twitch made headlines when the streaming platform announced it was banning the use of certain gambling websites and no longer letting streamers do slots. A lot of big gamblers became frustrated with Twitch, announcing that they were moving to competitor Kick. xQc himself was a huge proponent of gambling, often admitting he was addicted and proud of it.

Despite his passion for gambling, xQc listened to Twitch’s demands and moved onto other content like livestreaming reality shows and playing video games. But he’s recently become quite angry after seeing other streamers continuing to gamble despite the ban.

“This seems like some pick and choose bulls—”: xQc reacts to Neymar Jr. gambling stream

xQc was practicing his Minecraft speedruns when a viewer told him to check out Neymar Jr.’s stream. When xQc headed to his channel, he saw the soccer player losing thousands on gambling.

“This seems like some pick and choose bulls—. I mean, I hate to say it and don’t want to be some anti-Twitch bandwagoner, but this is some pretty big pick and choose dogs— based on the current outrage situation to feed the morons,” xQc ranted.

“If me and Trainwrecks started doing this on that site… We’d probably get banned within like four days,” xQc continued, clearly frustrated by the site’s inconsistent guidelines and punishments.

To xQc, it seemed like Twitch only banned gambling to begin with because it had become a controversial topic. When big names like Imane “Pokimane” Anys threatened to boycott the site, Twitch felt the pressure and folded. Now it seems like Twitch is being more lenient due to having less drama surrounding gambling or maybe competing with Kick.

Kick has become known for having very minimal guidelines and regulations. While some streamers have argued that this is dangerous for many reasons, other streamers have flocked to Kick to start gambling again. It seemed like xQc was considering it at some point as well, especially after he was caught privately messaging Adin Ross.

For now, however, xQc has remained loyal to Twitch and has continued to be one of its biggest stars.