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xQc gets criticized for using a coach to beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun

By Olivia Richman


Mar 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is looking to beat Sebastian “Forsen” For’s Minecraft speedrun record but some fans think he may have taken it too far.

xQc and Forsen have been in a back and forth rivalry for a few years now, with both streamers looking to have the top Minecraft 1.6 speedrun record. Most recently, Forsen blew xQc’s record from earlier this year out of the water. On March 23, Forsen beat xQc’s run by an incredible two minutes.

Now, xQc has been feeling the pressure.

xQc attempts to beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun

Forsen sent some funny banter xQc’s way on Twitter, emphasizing just how incredible his new record really is. Beating someone by over two minutes is an insane feat.

But the tweet only fueled xQc to try even harder. He told Forsen that he should expect to see him “in a week.” And it looks like xQc actually meant it.

xQc has been looking to beat Forsen’s record in incredible fashion and as soon as possible. To do so, xQc recently asked a speedrunner known as k4 to coach him.

While it seemed like a fun way to create content while simultaneously gaining some new skills and insight into the Minecraft 1.6 speedrun, fans didn’t seem to agree. Some fans claimed that xQc’s run “shouldn’t count” since he was coached.

In response, xQc told his viewers to “chill the f— out.”

xQc explained that people were “twisting” what was happening. The Juicer said that he was “learning new strats” and honing his skill by discussing the game on Discord. He started doing some practice runs while chatting with k4, just casually playing the game.

“I was playing a video game with my f—ing friend on Discord voice. Chill the f— out. Everyone is so pressed about me playing a video game,” xQc ranted.

To xQc, it felt like the streaming community was quick to attack him based on something they saw on Reddit.

xQc then explained that he was just playing the game casually while chatting with k4, not trying to beat any records. He added that when it comes to the actual speedrun attempt, he won’t be having k4 there to coach him.

For now, xQc is going to continue practicing as he prepares to take on Forsen’s incredible speed run record.