Corinna Kopf makes Kick debut with gambling stream

By Melany Moncada


Mar 2, 2023

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Corinna Kopf is the most recent creator to join Kick, the controversial streaming platform. Kick is trying to establish itself as a direct competitor to Twitch by loosening up the rules and allowing adult content.

Corinna Kopf rose to popularity due to her friendship with YouTuber David Dobrik. Kopf is considered one of the members of the “Vlog Squad,” which led to her success in social media.

Kopf also ventured into OnlyFans content, becoming one of the highest-earning creators on the platform. On Twitch, Kopf amassed a following of one million followers.

Corinna Kopf makes Kick debut

On February 24, Kick welcomed Kopf through Twitter. On March 1, Kopf streamed for the first time on the platform. Kopf was accompanied by a group of people while gambling.

Corinna Kopf Kick gambling stream

The stream lasted over three hours, and during this time, Kopf welcomed over 26,000 new followers. It might take a while for Kopf to get the same viewership she had on Twitch.

Why are streamers moving to Kick?

Kick wants to become the go-to destination for content creators who are tired of Twitch’s practices. One of the main criticism the platform has received is the unfair revenue split. Twitch takes 50% of revenue from streamers, while Kick only takes 5%.

The second most criticized aspect of Twitch is the “unfair” bans. Kick is marketing itself as a platform with loose rules that allow creators to be free to do whatever kind of content they want.

This stance has led to some controversial content. Streamers are broadcasting copyright-protected content without facing the consequences in some instances. Heelmike received a one-day ban for engaging in explicit sexual acts while live. Heelmike was the first high-profile streamer to do such a thing, but he’s not the only one.

Kick is full of explicit content, and that wouldn’t be a problem if the audiences were of age. Most of these creators have young followers that are now getting exposed to this type of content without any kind of filter.


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