xQc abruptly ends stream after Adept accuses him of “violating a court law”

By Olivia Richman


Jan 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It looks like the drama between Felix “xQc” Lengyel and his ex-girlfriend Adept is ongoing. On January 7, xQc cut a stream short when Adept showed up at his house to tell him he was “violating a court law.”

After playing video games for a few hours, xQc’s stream was interrupted when there was a knock at the door. xQc got up and opened the door. Viewers could then hear his ex-girlfriend’s voice. The conversation was difficult to understand, but viewers could hear the two arguing about accounts and passwords.

xQc returned, apologizing to his fans. But just as he started streaming again, Adept could be heard talking in the background. This time, she could be heard telling him that he was “violating a court law.” In response, xQc loudly told her to “shut up.”

At this point, it became clear to xQc that he couldn’t keep streaming. He told his viewers that he had to “go offline” but promised he would be on later that night or tomorrow. Then the stream ended. xQc hasn’t been streaming since.

Neither xQc nor Adept has discussed the situation on social media. It’s currently unclear what the argument was about or what court law was allegedly being violated by xQc.

Why did xQc and Adept break up?

xQc and Adept publicly announced the break up in September of 2022. The two kept it private for a little while, but it eventually came out that xQc was dealing with relationship problems — the main reason he didn’t show up to QTCinderella’s streamer event. But when the breakup became public, Adept seemed angry about certain information being shared and called out xQc for how he was presenting the situation.

“Shocking to me people will watch that and think this is anything I could ever want. For me the right thing would have been keep personal matters personal. I didn’t open the door into our private lives. I am not solely responsible for closing it either,” Adept said at the time.

At the time, xQc said the reason they broke up was due to a conflict between Adept and his family. He claimed he had to choose between family and his relationship, which Adept seemed to find fault in. She said he was painting himself out to be a victim at that time.

Shortly after, the two had a heated argument during a livestream with thousands of viewers. But the two made up in order to keep the situation from getting even more dramatic in front of his fans.

A few months later, Adept revealed that xQc’s luxury sports car was registered in her name. This was due to xQc not having a driver’s license. While this may not be related to their most current dispute, it’s clear that Adept and xQc have a lot of shared accounts and property after having lived together. Still, it’s currently unknown what caused Adept to show up at his home on January 7.


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