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Why Adept called out xQc in emotional stream after breakup

By Olivia Richman


Sep 18, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Sam “Adeptthebest” publicly announced their split on Sept. 16, with xQc stating it was the reason behind him ditching Shitcamp. Adept pushed back against xQc’s discussion of the matter.

According to xQc, he felt forced to break things off with Adept since she didn’t get along with his brother. He had to choose between family and Adept, he claimed. Adept has now come forward to claim this isn’t the case and that their troubles stemmed from other issues.

xQc explains why breakup with Adept happened, Adept responds

On his own stream, xQc told his fans that the couple didn’t argue over his decision and it was accepted due to the reason behind it. The split stemmed from alleged fighting between Adept and xQc’s family members.

Adept reacted on her stream to xQc’s breakup announcement, calling it “actual cringe” that he felt the need to say it to everyone. Adept said she had asked for privacy but xQc decided to go against her wishes and “do whatever the f— he wanted to do whenever he wanted to do it.”

“What’s new guess?” Adept said with a sigh.

Adept could also be heard saying that xQc had “threatened her,” holding the breakup over her head for weeks. xQc and Adept then had a blowout a few days later while talking during xQc’s livestream. During the stream, xQc explained that he never cuts things off “halfway” and has to “go all the way” to not have to constantly think about it anymore.

Adept reacted emotionally to his statement, saying he was “not the victim here” and to “stop victimizing” himself. She said she was done speaking to him after that final blowout.

After the public argument, which had over 125,000 viewers, Adept took to Twitter to apologize to fans who had to see the drama despite possibly not caring about the breakup. Adept explained that she would have preferred to keep all of the details private.

A lot of people responded with support for Adept, who was clearly shaken up during the broadcast. Others agreed that xQc was being manipulative by airing the drama to his fandom, with QTCinderella stating his following “loves to hate women.” This was compounded by Adept saying she had asked for it to stay private.

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Others, however, felt that xQc was in the right for publicly announcing the breakup. They felt that he was getting hated on for weeks over the Shitcamp situation and, when he finally couldn’t take it anymore, had come clean with the real reason behind his absence.

xQc said on his own Twitter that everyone was getting support for “running their mouths” yet when he says how he feels he is accused of “using” his platform to “harass them.” xQc said that he is “still human” and also has feelings about the situation he wants to express.

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker told xQc to “keep posting through it,” offering support for xQc during his emotional breakup. Others in the replies, however, said that it should have been handled publicly.

It’s clear that the breakup has rattled the streaming community and left many torn about the right way to handle the situation. The two have been dating for years and have been living together in recent years. The two streamers have had issues in the past as well, but always get back together.

For now, xQc and Adept are calling it quits. Adept has started tweeting about other things as the former couple attempts to move forward from the drama.