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Adept reveals that xQc’s McLaren is registered in her name

By Olivia Richman


Nov 1, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel made headlines late last year when he revealed that he’d purchased a $300,000 McLaren 720s Spider, but it appears that the luxury car legally belongs to his ex-girlfriend Adept.

Not only was the car quite flashy, but xQc has publicly stated in the past that he doesn’t have a license. This made it all the more odd that xQc would own such a pricey car just to let it sit in his garage. Now, fans have learned even more shocking information about his McLaren.

According to Adept, the McLaren is legally hers.

Adept is the actual owner of xQc’s McLaren sports car

During Adept’s Halloween stream on October 31, the streamer talked about picking up xQc in the McLaren so they could hang out. This immediately had fans confused, with many questioning why Adept had xQc’s car when the two had broken up.

Adept seemed annoyed at the chat for being so clueless about how registering a car works. She decided to quiz them on how registering for a car works.

“How do you register a car in someone else’s name? What do they need?” Adept prompted.

Finally, Adept saw some correct answers in her chat. She thanked the “adults” in the chat for finally understanding her point. To legally register a car in the United States, drivers must have a valid license.

Adept explained the process of purchasing the car, but registering it in her name instead of xQc’s. This allowed xQc to pay for and manage the car, but as many fans surely remember, xQc doesn’t have a driver’s license. Unable to drive on public roads, the eye-catching roadster was essentially useless in xQc’s hands.

xQc McLaren sports car owned by Adept

This also means that the McLaren is technically Adept’s and not xQc’s. While xQc was legally allowed to pay for the car, he wasn’t able to register it.

xQc has not responded to Adept’s claims that the car is registered in her name.


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