Sagemommy and Jettdaddy

What happened between Sagemommy and Jettdaddy?

By Olivia Richman


Feb 2, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

If you play Valorant, you may have noticed some strange drama unfolding between two players named Sagemommy and Jettdaddy. If the memes are confusing you, here is what we know about the internet drama surrounding the two Valorant players.

Sagemommy and Jettdaddy are two players who had matching in-game names and would often stream themselves playing together. With 241K followers on Twitch and 96.2K on X, Sagemommy has definitely made a name for herself as a self-proclaimed e-girl. Unfortunately, what started as a duo made in heaven soon revealed some concerning IRL drama.

Were Sagemommy and Jettdaddy dating IRL?

On February 1, Sagemommy took to X to share a long Google doc outlining what happened between her and Jettdaddy. While many found the tweet to be comical due to someone named Sagemommy writing such a long tweet about someone named Jettdaddy, the contents within the Google doc are a bit concerning.

According to Sagemommy, the two of them were “never officially dating” in real life but instead considered themselves “e-daters” who would only begin dating for real if they met up.

“That doesn’t mean there wasn’t feelings there and a bond that was formed,” Sagemommy wrote. “I referred to him as my ex as that is how we have presented to the public. I will now refer to him as my former business partner.”

While this seems like some pointless drama between two Valorant streamers, many pointed out that Sagemommy is 25 and Jettdaddy is just 17. Sagemommy responded to this accusation by claiming Jettdaddy told her he was 18 when they met online.

“That is a really harmful rumor that has been spread and I wanted to shut it down,” she wrote.

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Others wondered why the two streamers didn’t just handle the fallout privately. According to Sagemommy, Jettdaddy tweeted publicly that they were just “friends who built a brand together” and demanded she stop calling him her ex.

Because of this, Sagemommy claimed she was hurt and “acting out of emotion.” She said she regretted how she acted after the fallout and said she is no longer in contact with him, although she has not blocked him.

“He was a huge part of my life and whether or not we were ‘officially dating’ or not,” Sagemommy said. “Losing whatever we had really f—ed me up. Recently, I have just been talking about myself / briefly about him when it is relevant, and I never intended to bash him or send hate his way. I just wanted to open up and share my experience with face revealing. I brought him up as he was a part of it.”

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Sagemommy then stated that she was not going to share any texts as she previously promised in a tweet, calling it “icky” to go through their conversations. For now, there is no proof that Sagemommy and Jettdaddy were just business partners, friends, or lovers.

“At the end of the day, we were really close, no matter how you want to label what it was,” Sagemommy concluded. “The start of Sagemommy and Jettdaddy was some of the most fun I’ve had in content creation, and I couldn’t have done it with anyone else.”

The public has responded with a bit of confusion. While some have offered support for Sagemommy and others have accused her of grooming Jettdaddy, many more comments have been pure shock that there is drama going on with two players with those names, to begin with.

Said one gamer: “Overwatch drama so dry I’m in Valorant tweets.”

Another joked that they were glad the rumors were straightened out due to their inability to “sleep at night.”

Either way, it appears to be the end of this Valorant duo.