Sagemommy Jettdaddy

Sagemommy and Jettdaddy are a duo again — sorta

By Olivia Richman


Apr 26, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

After a dramatic falling out, Sagemommy and Jettdaddy are back to playing Valorant duos again.

Self-proclaimed e-girl Sagemommy got into a bit of drama with her former business partner and possible lover, Jettdaddy, back in February. The two Valorant players took to Twitter to argue back and forth about what really went down between the two, but it appeared that the two were “e-dating” but were not officially together in real life.

At the time, Sagemommy shared a long Google document outlining what happened between the two Valorant content creators but many gamers were left wondering why this deserved an explanation at all.

Now, Sagemommy and Jettdaddy are streaming Valorant again. And maybe more…

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Sagemommy and Jettdaddy relationship update

Earlier this week, Sagemommy shocked the Valorant community by announcing that she would be streaming Valorant with Jettdaddy again despite their previous disagreements over their relationship.

Sagemommy allegedly sent a meme to Jettdaddy that said: “Girlfriends ‘end,’ boyfriends ‘end,’ friends ‘end,’ but you know what doesn’t end? E-sex.”

In response to the “silly” tweet, Jettdaddy asked Sagemommy to play Valorant together on Thursday. Then come Thursday, the two actually streamed Valorant, with Sagemommy joking that they were “doin’ business.”

So are the two together? It’s unclear. Soon after the stream, Sagemommy tweeted “yeah idk,” which was a bit vague for fans.

Apparently, during the stream, Jettdaddy was trying to have fun and focus on Valorant, but Sagemommy got a bit serious at one point. In response, Jettdaddy explained that he wanted to talk about their relationship privately before making public statements. It seemed like Jettdaddy was hoping to have some closure and end the relationship, however, no matter what it was.

“Just move on, bestie,” a fan wrote.

Many others agreed that it wasn’t worth getting into anything intimate or personal on her stream or X, urging her to keep things private and move on from Jettdaddy.